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Visiting stars – Idols SA

21 February 2023
Over 18 seasons, we’ve seen incredible artists grace the stage, and the final season is sure to continue presenting a rota of awesome guest performers.
Aka performing.

Look – we’re not going to enumerate every single guest performer that has appeared on the show over its past 18 seasons. That would be a very long read and a very long write. There simply isn’t time. What we can do is take a look at some of the performers that have graced the stage in recent years as a throwback to all the stars we’ve seen strut the stage.

Boohle was a regular guest on the Idols SA stage. Last year, she sang alongside two of the finalists – Nandi and Tesmin-Robyn – but her first appearance was the year before when she turned up to open one of the live shows.

Sometimes, guest appearances turn into something else. In 2021, Thembi Seete rocked up to rock the stage and act as a guest judge, doing so well that fans were clamouring for her inclusion in the regular judging line-up. The producers of the show obliged, and she filled that role over the course of last season – and, yes, she will be a regular judge for the coming final season, too.

Having Thembi on board opened up a whole bunch of new avenues to be explored, and it culminated with a historical performance by Boom Shaka at last year’s finale.

A list of guest performances would simply not be complete without mentioning Oskido. As the founder of Kalawa Jazmee, he signs the winner of every season of the show, and often extends a contract to other contestants he feels deserve a shot at the big time – his courting of Mpilwenhle toward the end of the 2022 season is a perfect example.

Oskido is, of course, more than just a label owner. His track history of nurturing talent and making stars is germane to the conversation, and his partnership with the show is a perfect fit. It’s also convenient, as we get to rope him in for awesome guest performances from time to time.

The last guest performer we’ll mention here is a bittersweet entry. Performing alongside ProVerb during last year’s finale, Idols SA fans were treated to an appearance by AKA. Kiernan Forbes, as is AKA’s aka, is undeniably the most influential South African rapper of the last decade. From ‘Victory Lap’ to ‘Jealousy’ and his collaborations with other rappers like K.O on ‘Run Jozi’, AKA has left an indelible mark on the local music industry.

AKA’s untimely death a few weeks ago still has the country reeling, and conspiracy theories abound. We’re not going weigh in on any of those, here. For now, it’s enough for us simply to remember him.

There wil, no doubt, be plenty of new guest performers during the final season of Idols SA, so be sure to set your reminder. If you want to be a part of the experience, then submit your audition here.