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The do’s and don’ts at Theatre Week – Idols SA

04 August 2023
The ultimate cheat plug for impressive slays and unforgivable slip ups.
Idols SA

Saturday marked the highly anticipated arrival of Theatre Week. After four weeks of gruelling auditions, the selected contestants finally went into the next phase of their journey to stardom. We are in the final season of Idols SA, and the judges look to recognise the highest serving of talent the country has to offer.

To give the contestants a Theatre Week hack, we’ve summed up the most important dos and don’ts.


Learn from Mariah, get vocal rest.

Each week, the contestants will be given a carefully curated list of songs from which to belt some notes and reveal layers of their talent. And since the judges will not be tolerating any unpolished performance, the contestants will have to rehearse for their paired performances. It is important for them to preserve the richness of their voices by giving them enough rest.

Listen to the judges.

Every contestant who has made it this far, has made it because of their talent. At times, feedback from the judges can be discouraging. However, they aim to assist them on their journey to stardom. Those who heed to the critiques will have a better chance of reaching the stars.


Preparation is key. For each audition, a five-star performance will be expected. As such, the contestants must master every note and every lyric, while keeping their melody on key.


Neve has returned for her second chance on Idols SA. “I can no longer defend you,” Somizi remarked as she was sent home following two nos from the judges previously. This time, however, Neve has been lauded for her authentic display of confidence.

Breath control

Imagine running out of breath in the middle of Adele’s most heartfelt vocal blows? That sort of mishap might work better for an entry into the Wooden Mic Hall of Fame. For Theatre Week, the contestants are encouraged to master several breathing techniques to help them deliver rich performances.


The dreamers will also have to avoid a few well-known errors along the way. The list includes:

Forgetting the lyrics

Butchering the words of a song may get a pass in the shower. On Idols SA, however, it’s the quickest way to undermine one’s performance and plant a seed of doubt among the judges. The words are meant to tell a story, send a message, and evoke an emotion. Messing them up is not only unprofessional but also undermines the author’s intention.

Vocal strain

Whether due to the lack of vocal rest or the failure to practice proven vocal warmups, a strained note is can be hard to consume for both the judges and the audience. On Idols SA, a missed note can be a missed opportunity to advance in the competition.


On Saturday’s episode, a few contestants suffered terrifying stage frights. In some instances, these cannot be helped. Unfortunately, silence from a contestant in the middle of a performance is no way to impress the judges. After all, the notes can’t be heard.

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