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Whose song is it anyway? – Idols SA

27 July 2022
Somizi and the other judges had a hard time deciphering some songs our hopefuls picked for their auditions. Never you mind that two of the trio of judges didn’t know who Lana Del Ray is.
Rhoyalic snaps some selfies while waiting to audition for Idols SA season 18

Thanks to Standard Bank though, we get to celebrate both the good and the not-so-good this season. With just day two in full swing, we’ve come to find some questionable singers and song writers, even though they treat music as their side hustle.😉

Some auditions were downright hilarious and while passionate about music, that is the only thing we can commend. From Kenny’s trainwreck to Kel’s love for the blues, we’re pretty jealous these hopefuls had the courage to deliver performances that gave us a solid chuckle.

Kenny’s audition may have scored a “hai never!” from Somizi but the bloke was ready to set fire to the rain with another one of his verses had he not been stopped.  With six albums to his name, we think outside of Idols SA, Kenny has a solid side hustle and if ever all else fails, the trombone might be his way to an orchestra, either way, music will always be there.

Let’s be honest, it takes a lot of courage to stand in front of those judges, but constructive criticism is the only way to make it in this industry. If you’re like our brother James Mathibela, then a positive outlook on being straightforward is where it’s at. He took he judges critique personally but the silverlining in this cloud was his take on constructive criticism – either way we're happy he's setr himself on the right path now.

While we are still struggling to figure out what was really going on with their auditions, the Wooden Mic contenders have made us all laugh out loud. Click here to catch up on all the action from Day 2 auditions.

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