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Ty Loner rides off into the sunset – Idols SA

02 November 2022
Ty Loner has dropped out of the competition, so it’s time to take a look at this popular contestant’s time on Idols SA.
Ty Loner performing on stage.

This wasn’t Ty Loner’s first time in South Africa’s biggest singing competition, nor was it even deliberate. After falling out during Theatre Week last year, the young man decided to take it easy, but – unbeknownst to him – his girlfriend surreptitiously entered him into the competition. The first Ty Loner heard about making it to the next stage of auditions was when he received a confusing phone call. Luckily for him, he was pretty prepared:

Having earned himself that precious Golden Ticket, Ty Loner tackled the challenges of Theatre Week: a duet and solo performance:

With Theatre Week out of the way fairly easily, it was time for Ty Loner to (re)introduce himself to South African audiences:

Once the live shows kicked off, Ty Loner teamed up with Presss to deliver this duet during the Top 12 Group stage:

Ty Loner had a couple of standout performances, but the one that really got the judges going was his rendition of the perennial favourite, ‘Scatterlings of Africa’:

His exuberant stage presence was on full display when he tackled a Bruno Mars hit – big shoes to fill, when talking about stage presence.

Ty Loner experienced as couple of troubles along the way which were remarked on by some of the judges. He struggled with key, from time to time, for example, and seemed to run out of breath at times.

Nevertheless, audiences voted him all the way into the Top 4, a decidedly-unshabby outing from a contestant who didn’t even know he had entered the competition.

Sadly, for Ty Loner, however, his time on Idols SA was coming to an end. Having failed to garner the necessary votes to stay in the competition, he didn’t get to perform this past Sunday, although we do have footage from his dress rehearsals earlier in the day:

Once we knew he was out of the competition, we sat down with the young man to hear his thoughts on the time in the competition.

The young man certainly has star power, and we won’t be at all surprised to hear him on the airwaves in future.

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