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The tunes coming this Sunday – Idols SA

27 October 2022
We’ve just received the scoop on the tunes the finalists will be performing this Sunday, and they sure do have a lot on their plate.
The Top 4 finalists and ProVerb on stage.

For the Top 3 reveal show, each of the Idols SA finalists will be delivering three performances, each with a different theme. Here’s a quick look at each of them.

Divas and divos
From the Italian word for “goddess”, we all know what “diva” means in popular parlance: a talented woman, with perhaps a bit of a justifiable ego. “Divo” – not surprisingly – is the male counterpart. Each of the finalists performing this Sunday will drop a hit from one of these revered performers.

Mpilwehle 'Angel of Mine' Monica
Nozi 'Try a Little Tenderness' Aretha Franklin
Thapelo 'When a Man Loves a Woman' Michael Bolton
Ty Loner 'Never Too Much' Luther Vandross

No surprises for guessing that Aretha Franklin would be on the list – she’s the quintessential diva, after all. Similarly, Luther Vandross and Michael Bolton have earned their positions on this list. Monica is by far the youngest artist on this list but is certainly worthy of being up there.

My audition song
The primary focus of Idols SA is finding a winner, but it’s important to improve over the course of the competition, and the finalists will have to show how much they’ve improved when they take another crack at their audition performances.

Mpilwehle 'Ke Mo Afrika' Maleh
Nozi 'Best Part' H.E.R.
Thapelo 'Esphambanweni' Kelly Khumalo
Ty Loner 'The Weekend' SZA

Obviously, the finalists have managed to impress with these tracks already, but audiences should expect some real improvement, since they’ve all had a lot of practice with some of the very best coaches in the land.

Judges' choice
This section should be interesting. These are tracks assigned to the performers by particular judges, and the finalists have no idea who picked the tracks for them.

Mpilwehle 'A Long Walk' Jill Scott
Nozi 'I Rise Up' Andra Day
Thapelo 'So Amazing' Luther Vandross
Ty Loner 'In My Bed' Dru Hill

Clearly, the judges aren’t trying to pull any “gotchas” here. Each of those tracks is perfectly suited for the finalist. Jill Scott’s ‘A long Walk’ is going to go down well with Mpilenhle’s subtle vocal abilities, Nozi is going to absolutely belt out ‘I Rise Up’, Thapelo is made to sing Luther Vandross, and Ty Loner is just going to love the chance to get into the Dru Hill swing of things. This might be the finalists’ best chance to live up to their full potential yet.

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