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See ya, CeeJay – Idols SA

05 October 2022
Unfortunately for CeeJay, he didn’t get to deliver his performance during the Showstopper episode.
CeeJay bidding the audience farewell while ProVerb looks on.

We’ve come to expect it – every week, the number of Idols SA finalists gets whittled down by one. It’s the entire basis of the show, in fact. That said, it’s never fun to have to say “goodbye” to the contestants, and it’s even worse for them.

Like every other contestant, our first encounter with CeeJay came during his Golden Ticket audition:

With that out of the way, CeeJay tackled the Theatre Week performances with aplomb:

Once that was dealt with, we sat down with the newly minted finalist to find out what makes him tick, and his approach to tackling the coming competition.

With introductions out of the way, the season started in earnest with the arrival of the Live Shows, and CeeJay was partnered with Mduduzi Ncube:

Having survived the first of many rounds of voting, CeeJay continued to deliver exceptional performances.

Then came last Sunday, and the preparation for the Showstopper episode. While he never got the chance to perform for Mzansi’s audiences, we did capture his final dress rehearsal for posterity.

The day after finding out he was no longer doing to be part of the Idols SA competition, CeeJay sat down with us to talk about the future and his time on the show:

Hopefully, we’ll see more of CeeJay in the coming months and years – he’s earned the right to be taken seriously in the music industry.

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