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Here's our pick for a golden ticket audition – Idols SA

07 July 2022
Singing “Happy Birthday” is no child’s play for Idols SA Auditions
birthday cake with lit sparkling flairs

We understand that not everyone is musically talented, but one thing that is certain is that – no matter whose birthday it is – we will all sing the words “Happy Birthday To You” whenever we get our cue from the appearance of a candle-topped cake. It’s a hugely popular song – perhaps because everyone associates it with celebrating a loved one – but it is a surprisingly complex composition, requiring a decent vocal range.

Considering that, we think one of the season 15 Idols SA hopefuls was onto something interesting here.

Although Linda Sosibo’s efforts earned her a spot among the contenders for wooden mic, the Happy Birthday song is one of the most challenging songs with which to audition. Besides the notes being close together – unlike most pop songs – the composition sports massive jumps in range. Yes, that third “Happy Birthday” is where it's at!

We could walk you through the song and explain all its dynamics, but that sort of over-analysis is the death of enjoyment. We wouldn’t want to ruin any of your future celebrations, so we offer you a tip, instead: find a comfortable starting note, preferably one that is in your lower register so that the rising tone doesn’t stretch you beyond your capabilities. For reference, watch that clip of Marilyn Monroe serenading JFK – she started that rendition in a husky, breathy, low tone.

It's possible that we might see an audition with somebody trying to belt out this song, showing off their abilities with that seven-note jump in the musical scale. It’s also possible that we might watch someone totally fail to pull it off. Either way – it’s going to be fun.

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