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Fresh singles, fave songs, and stripped-down SA classics – Idols SA

03 November 2022
The Top 3 perform their Kalawa-assisted new tracks, stripped-down Mzansi classics, and relive their favourite performances of the season. Plus, all of our Top 10 are in the house!
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We can’t tell you much about these tracks right now, other than they were created in the famed Kalawa Jazmee studio, and they’re as fresh as they come!

New singles:

Mpilwenhle – ‘Ngiyazifela’

Thapelo – ‘Phanda’

Nozi – ‘Idliso’

Idols eliminated 7: Q Mark and TpZee with Afriikan Papi – ‘Paris’

You’ve heard this one, ne? But you haven’t heard it done by our eliminated Idols singers Ty Loner, Zee, Karabo, Noxolo, CeeJay, Tesmin-Robyn and Lerato! It’s vocally expressive amapiano under the stage lights – expect a season highlight!

Stripped-down Mzansi classics:

Nozi: Mango Groove – ‘Moments Away’

Airbrushed, pretty pop and highly iconic, Nozi will do well to elevate this on the Idols stage. It’s worth noting that Claire Johnston is one of the most gifted singers SA has ever produced – tread carefully, lady.

Mpilwenhle: Simmy – ‘Ngiyesaba’

Simmy is simply outstanding on this song, but musically it’s a highly complex number. However, if anyone can shine above all that instrumental busy-ness, it’s Mpilo.

Thapelo: Hugh Masekela – ‘Thanayi’

Sure: just throw a Bra Hugh at your boi … We’re guessing this goes onto the list of songs the audience doesn’t really know but that Thapelo will slay (hello, JR). Most remember Masekela from his trumpet, but he was a hella singer, and the all-out party vibes on this could bring down the house in Thapelo’s hands.

Their favourite song of the season:

After last week’s judges’ choice, it’s time for the contestants to choose for themselves!

Nozi: Jennifer Hudson – ‘Giving Myself’

Little wonder Noz chose this – it even elicited a tweet from J.Hud herself! After entering the Top 10, Nozi delivered what many are citing as one of the greatest performances in the history of the show. Can she replicate it second time around?

Mpilwenhle: Caiphus Semenya – ‘Nomalanga’

Mess with Caiphus? Best be on your best footing, and this version in Mpilo’s hands blew Somizi and JR away first time ‘round. Little wonder: she’s so into the old-time shebeen groove it’s ridiculous, and so in sync with our blessed backing singers it’s startling.

Thapelo: The Beatles – ‘Let It Be’

You mess with The Beatles at your peril, but Thapelo did. And emerged a star. A stark arrangement showcased the natural warmth in his voice, and, as it’s one of the most uplifting songs in all of music, it generated hysteria in the audience. Something we’ve seen lots of since.

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