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A look back over Zee's competition – Idols SA

26 October 2022
The youngest of the finalists – Zee – is the most recent to be eliminated from the competition.
a PR shot of Zee.

The youngest of the finalists – Zee – is the most recent to be eliminated from the competition.

On Sunday, Zee was ousted from the competition after not receiving enough audience votes to continue to the next round. As is our custom, we’ll look over some of her key moments on the show. Let’s start the story where it starts: her audition.

It quickly became clear that Zee was the youngest in the competition and had grown up watching Idols SA all her life. Maybe that’s what helped her ace Theatre Week:

Following her inclusion in the group of finalists, it was time to get to know her properly.

Zee had remarkable singing chops, especially for one so young, as evidenced by this stunning performance that came to set the standard for what to expect from her:

She was also remarkably confident as part of an ensemble – a difficult thing for any new singer. Here’s how she handled herself alongside MTN Joyous Celebration.

While making it into the Top 5 is a real milestone, her last two performances weren’t enough to get her the votes to stay in the competition. Unfair? Maybe. You be the judge:

Because we have cameras everywhere, we managed to get footage of her final dress rehearsals, while she would still have been hopeful to perform during the Top 4 reveal.

Once we heard that she would not be singing again on the show, we started making plans to sit down and talk to this talented young lady about her plans for the future and the lessons she’ll be taking home following her participation in the contest:

We’re sure we’ll hear more from her, again.

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