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Top 4: Tweets, trends and troublesome tales – Idols SA

03 November 2021
As always, the live Sunday night episode of Idols SA generated a huge amount of interest on social media, with 45% of the trending tweets in South Africa being about the show. Let take a look at some of the reactions.
S17E17 Social Reaction Cover

Once Sunday night’s show hit the airwaves, the #IdolsSA hashtag started to trend, quickly becoming the number one trend in South Africa, followed by numerous other tweets related to the show. Many of these were about the guest performance of the night, delivered by the person who would also be participating as the evening’s guest judge, Kelly Khumalo.

It’s safe to say that Khumalo certainly commands a huge amount of attention from South African audiences. Very soon, though, it was the turn of the contestants to start singing their hearts out, hoping to survive for another week. First out of the gates was S’22Kile, who quickly got social media tongues wagging:

S’22Kile’s performance was followed by Kevin, whose announcement as being safe generated a few sighs of relief, and his subsequent performance certainly got a lot of people out of their livingroom seats:

It was then Karabo’s turn to throw down her best effort, and – judging by the reaction on social media – her efforts made a significant dent when it hit:

Unfortunately, it was now time for the evening’s elimination: somebody had to be sent home. This week, it was between Berry and Daylin, and the usual tension that crops up before the announcement is made had social media fans feeling some kind of way:

Eventually, though – the announcement came, and Daylin was eliminated from the the competition. While many were happy for Berry, it’s only reasonable that Daylin’s fans would be more than a little disappointed:

The fact that Berry was safe generated a fair amount of celebration…

…and also a bit of weirdness:

Uhm, okay.

Moving along swiftly – a guest appearance by Mo-T from Mi Casa drew this appreciative message:

While someone wanted to send some love to the workhorses of every single Idols SA live show:

And, to close us off, one of the Idols SA superfans who was present at the event decided to share his excitement:

This is, of course, only the smallest of samples from the thousands of Tweets generated before, during and after the show, but it goes a long way to show how invested the Idols SA fanbase is in the performance and achievements of the contestants. We think they are only going to get more fervent in their support as the season draws to a close.

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