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Top 3 Travel blog #2 – Idols SA

11 November 2021
It's time for a quick update to the travel tales of the Idols SA Top 3, as they enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip thanks to our sponsor, Vodacom.
Hmmm... tasty.

Yesterday, we gave you a peek at what the Idols SA Top 3 have been up to since they landed in Cape Town on Tuesday night – helicopter rides, fancy food, lekker hotels, and all that. Well, their Wednesday did not stop with just a ride in the air – it continued on the water. Here's a quick visual diary of what they got up to.

The Top 3 headed down to Cape Town's Waterfront, where they were promptly whisked onto a waiting yacht – not bad going, heh? Before taking to the ocean, they decided to lounge about (probably pretending – just for a moment – that the yacht was theirs).

1636624429 28 001 pre sail
This makes a nice change from the Idols SA stage!

1636624442 28 004 pre sail at table
Yup – the sun in Cape Town can get pretty hot. Take some cover.

Before long, though – they set sail, although we're not sure how we would feel about what happened next: we know they can sing, but captain a ship?

1636624455 28 010 berry takes the wheel
Uhm... is this a good idea? Proverb looks calm enough, in the background.

1636624467 28 012 berry at wheel  point
Oi! Watch where you're going!

Eventually, the person in charge must have taken over, because they regrouped at the front of the boat for these snaps out in the open water:

1636624479 28 020 sailing loud
It seems that S'22Kile finds things a little loud...

1636624491 28 021 sailing point
What do they keep pointing at?

To wrap up their trip, the contestants chill with Proverb for what looks like an awesome meal!

1636624503 28 030 lunch
Hmmm... tasty.

We'll keep dropping these updates as the trip progresses. The whole affair is made possible by Vodacom, and – a little later – the contestants will all get to go on a shopping spree courtesy of some moolah from the good people at Old Mutual. Watch this space

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