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The number 8 is a symbol of harmony and balance Idols SA

05 September 2021
Group B consists of the remaining 8 of Top 16 contestants. Attempting to produce harmonies and balance, these are the songs they will be performing
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Ithana: Chloe x Halle – ‘Forgive Me’

Harmonising queens, Chloe x Halle have become a force to be reckoned with over the years. Signed to Beyoncé’s label, they are earning their stripes everyday in the music industry. In walks in Ithana in the audition room, a talented performer, now a Top 16 contestant with an angelic voice, hoping to perform the duo’s song ‘Forgive Me’ as harmoniously as the them. She’s no stranger to the stage, having walked on one for Miss Soweto and performing solo for an audience filled with media that absolutely loved her, so forgive us if we prematurely say she’s going to kill this one!

Karabo: Andra Day ft Common – ‘Stand Up For Something’

One thing about Karabo is that she knows she has immense talent and that’s what made her audition for a 2nd time after some years. What frightened her the 1st time she auditioned was Randall, but this time around, Randall became somewhat of a driving force for her to always perform at her best. Andra Day is an impeccable artist with a voice that is larger than life and her song ‘Stand Up For Something’ could be a message from Karabo to us, showing us that she stood up for herself and now look how far she’s come. We’re excited to see how Karabo uses her own strong voice to deliver this powerful song.

Kevin: Justin Bieber – ‘Peaches’

When an artist grows, they produce better music, and Justin Bieber is a testament of this. Kevin Maduna, who began his career performing on cruise ships has certainly grown in his craft and making Top 16 is testament to his growth as an artist. His velvet voice is perfectly suited for performing Justin Bieber’s hit song ‘Peaches’ ft Daniel Caesar and Giveon. If you’ll remember, Kevin Maduna delivered a perfect rendition of Giveon’s ‘Stuck On You’ and Mzansi has been stuck on him since. What we trust he’ll do is give us a performance of Justin Bieber’s ‘Peaches’ that’ll take us on a journey to Georgia, California, and the North, because we believe Kevin has the light right from the source.

Misty: Snoh Aalegra – ‘Dying For Your Love’

Misty was clear about her intention from the very beginning, her goal? To be the oldest contestant to win Idols. Before she stepped into that audition room, she knew what she was there to do and hasn’t strayed from her goal. When you think of Snoh Aalegra, you immediately think ‘feels’; her voice is soothing, which is a quality Misty has the opportunity to hone. The 30 year old will be fighting for her spot in the Top 10 by singing Snoh Aalegra’s ‘Dying For Your Love’ and we’re dying to hear Misty’s rendition.

Monique Erens: Lady Gaga – ‘I’ll Never Love Again’

A lot of artists would shy away from a Lady Gaga song because of the colossal range she has, but not Monique! Don’t let her bubbliness fool you, when she’s tasked with a song to sing she sure knows how to deliver. She earned three yeses for her voice and celebratory birthday balloons in her first audition, proved herself during theatre week, hypnotised us in her solo performance, now we wait with baited breath to see if she’ll win Mzansi’s love with an emotionally charged performance of ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ by Lady Gaga.

Siya: The Weeknd – ‘In Your Eyes’

From the moment Siya opened his mouth, he had the attention and adoration of the judges – he gave such a beautiful performance that it made Somizi emotional, made Unathi cry and mad Randall pay him the highest compliment to date. This weekend, he’ll be attempting to give another emotive performance, performing The Weeknd’s hit ‘In Your Eyes’.

S’22kile: Bebe Rexha – ‘Meant To Be’

‘Meant To Be’ by Bebe Rexha is a country pop song that broke into many charts. It’s always exciting when an artist can step out of their comfort zone and explore other genres – S’22kile is one such artist. She has a kindred spirit and is always eager to learn and whose charm lies in her smile. She has a loveable personality, a strong yet sweet voice and is ever  confident when she takes to the stage – even before taking to the stage, from the audition room, she didn’t dim her light and it has paid off. Seemingly being an R&B singer, it should be tantalising to see how she will make this song her own because this is where she is meant to be.

Zukisa M: Yebba – ‘Distance’

16 year old Zukisa M is not one to fear success, performing alongside a seasoned group of all ages, he can hold his own. In his first live show debut, he’s selected to wow us with a song by Yebba titled ‘Distance’. With his age always in question, this could be the performance that shows off his maturity, understanding of his craft and cements him as a worthy contender for that coveted Idols SA win.

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