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Take 2 ACTION Top 2 Reveal Show song choices Idols SA

14 November 2021
The race to the top is so close to finished but far from done! Our Top 3 finalists have prepared song items for the Top 2 Reveal Show but they're not doing this alone!
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Song choice is one of the most crucial things every Idol needs to consider – it quite literally is the selling point, the musical CV, the stage portfolio that decides who will be taken seriously or taken home!

These past months of Idols SA have shown us just how much a bad choice can make or break your chances and this week we revisit moments that made our finalists! First up for the evening though is a group song which will feature Season 17's Top 6 – the group song is Blaq Diamond ft Dumi Mkokstad called 'Messiah'. While we're elated that the Top 6 will once again be reuinited on that stage again, we're especially excited to be joined again by the Mzansi Gay Choir and Dumi Mkokstad on this performance!

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This episode: Top 3's new singles, Top 3's Song of the Season (Showstopper) and Top 3's Audition Song. Let's get into it!

The Top 3 ladies have been hard at work with Oskido and the Kalawa Jazmee camp to bring you singles that'll have their names forever engrained in our brains and hearts! Tonight, we ALL have the honour of hearing these THREE NEW singles live and direct from the talents themselves. Karabo's single is called 'Hosanna'; which seems very fitting for the praying and believeing, faithful woman she is! Berry's single is called 'Ungowami'; how exciting is it when artists keep pushing themselves into new territories and taking up space where they rightfully should?! We're excited to hear her sing in vernac as she's proven in the past that she exels in. S'22kile's single is called 'Falling'; there are so many good and unforgettable song's out there with the title 'Falling', i.e. Alicia Keys' 'Falling' and DJ Kent ft Maleh's 'Falling', her's, we're sure, will fall in it's rightful place as a banger as well!

Now who could forget the Showstopper episode this season? Our Top 3 are taking it back and giving you an encore of their song of the season! Karabo had given us 'Respect' by Aretha Franklin, Berry gave us 'Something's Got a Hold On Me' by Etta James and S'22kile had performed Beyoncé's 'Dance For You' – and we get to hear and see it all again tonight!

The songs that REALLY made them though were their humble beginnings in that living room at home and audition room earlier this year! Can you remember what each contestant, now finalist auditioned with? Karabo beautifully belted CiCi's 'Ngidinge', Berry powerfully executed Loren Allred's 'Never Enough' and S'22kile surprised the judges with a big voice that came from a little body when she sang Adele's 'One and Only'!

Episode 19 is going to be something else! We're wishing all the performers and Top 3 finalists the best of luck and a banger of an evening on the stage where dreams are realised!


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