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Songs to jive to with the five Idols SA

22 October 2021
While the Top 5 put on their best performances and jive on stage, you can jive to their to their song choices right in your living room this Sunday – two step to the two themes!
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This Sunday, your votes determine which five finalists get to perform their song selections and which songs you get to jive to! We’re in for a double treat yet again this week where the Top 5 are set to perform two songs that align with a theme.

The first theme of the night will focus on Mzansi’s hits and how the finalists have added their own artistic flavour to them. This theme is ‘Unplugged:

Berry: 'Happy' – Craig Lucas

Craig Lucas once shared on Twitter that he struggles with the concept of happiness and that ‘Happy’ has really helped him heal from past pain in his life. When you listen to this song, you can definitely feel the emotion that was transferred from Lucas to the page to the mic and we are confident that Berry will relay all those feelings on the stage as well through her powerful voice and performance.

Kevin Maduna: ‘Mnike’ – Afrotraction

One of the greatest compliments a South African artist can receive is being added to a wedding playlist and Afrotraction has been added to MANY! ‘Mnike’ is an afro beats R&B song that aims to speak to romantic partners that aren’t giving their partner what they need. Kevin has proven that he can take any song from any genre and make it his own so this theme should be a walk in the park for the talent!

Daylin Sass: ‘Fairytale’ – Liquideep

14 years ago, the epic duo Liquideep was formed and 11 years ago, they released their timeless track ‘Fairytale’. It is believed that this song alone was the reason for so many healthy relationships that formed in 2010 (LOL). Ziyon’s vocals on this R&B house track are delicate yet powerfully delivered and knowing Daylin Sass, this is a delivery style he’ll flourish in – keep the Kleenex close peeps!

Nqobie: ‘Rejoice’ – Bucie ft Black Motion

Bucie is a powerhouse and national house treasure! Put her on any track and it’s guaranteed to be a household name and ‘Rejoice’ is that track – household name! There is so much passion in her voice as she sings her pleads and the beats are emotive. This is the type of song that can continue to allow us to see a different facet to Nqobie – her personality and vocal range, especially in the part where Bucie hits the high notes. Looking forward to it!

Karabo: ‘Thandwa Ndim’ – Amanda Black

Amanda Black is one of Idols SA most celebrated finalists and when you listen to her music, you know why! ‘Thandwa Ndim’ will send chills throughout your body; lyrics alone. Amanda has managed to cement herself as not just a voice but THEE voice of women’s silent expressions – what better person to continue spreading the message through song than Season 17’s very own Karabo, who in her own right, is a force to be reckoned with.

S’22kile: ‘Easy to Love’ – Bucie ft Heavy K

Bucie is so easy love and when she released this song with Heavy K back in 2014, love filled the airwaves and the world seemed quite alright. Similarities between Bucie and S’22kile are that they are both songbirds, sweet and possess vocal strength beyond fathom – ‘Easy to Love’ is a perfect fit for S’22.

Saying we’re excited to hear the finalists’ unplugged versions is an understatement. If it were up to us and not the votes, all Top 6 contestants would perform their own renditions for us but alas! We have theme two to look forward to!

There will be no guest performers this Sunday BUT we are happy to welcome Mzansi Gay Choir again, for the 3rd year running, to the stage who will be joining this season’s Top 5 finalists on stage! This is what they will be performing in the show’s 2nd segment ‘Impersonations’, performing songs from artists that are firm allies to the LGBQTI+ community and or form part of the community!

Berry: ‘The Edge of Glory’ – Lady Gaga

How do you begin to introduce Lady Gaga as a topic!? There’s so much to say and so few characters to express how much impact she’s had on the music industry and people’s lives in the 20 years she’s been active. All we can say is, Monsters, you have much to look forward to in terms of this performance of ‘The Edge of Glory’ by Berry – who has been warned about her, supposed, theatrical performances in the past by Mr. A, but in this case MAY just work in her favour and get her to glory!

Kevin Maduna: ‘As’ – George Michael

First thing’s first, RIP George Michael! A legend, a true talent and a voice for many! ‘As’ is an easy-going love song filled with powerful affirmations. George Michael’s sultry voice is complimented by Mary J Blidge’s husky vocals on the track – two of many qualities Kevin has in his arsenal. The song has an element of mass choir vocals in the background, which we know the Mzansi Gay Choir will do justce to! And we love how the song can be sung in an upbeat tempo or as a slow jam – it’s as versatile as the finalist who will be performing it!

Daylin Sass: ‘Whataya Want From Me’ – Adam Lambert 

2009 American Idols runner-up, Adam Lambert, shot to fame after the release of his debut song ‘Whataya Want From Me’ and what a debut! It’s a timeless song, still relatable to this day and age and the vocals, [chef’s kiss]. On the singing spectrum, Lambert and Sass haven’t much in common outside of the fact that they can both SANG! So we’re really looking forward to hearing what Mr Sass and the Mzansi Gay Choir will do with this number!

Nqobie: ‘Ain’t Nobody’ – Chaka Khan

We are privileged to have experienced Chaka Khan in our lifetime and even more privileged that her songs will continue to live on through new artists to come! ‘Aint Nobody’ blazed throughout many gay balls in the 80s and has garnered hundred’s of covers and versions, one of the most recent ones being Felix Jaehn’s ‘Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better)’ ft. Jasmine Thompson AND hopefully, most recent recent version, Nqobie’s ft Mzansi Gay Choir this coming Sunday!

Karabo: ‘River Deep Mountain High’ – Tina Turner

The incomparable legend, Tina Turner, has inspired many artists and many lives with her story and through her music! Many have tried to do Tina but have failed because only Tina can do Tina! Her deep, hoarse voice is unique to her, but energetic stage presence and all-round diva persona are blueprints for any aspiring young artist hoping to follow in her footsteps. One thing we know about Karabo is she will body this ‘River Deep Mountain High’ performance and the Mzansi Gay Choir will compliment her very well!

S’22kile: ‘Love On The Brain’ – Rihanna

Sampled from Sam Brown’s song ‘Stop’ (1988), ‘Love On The Brain’ has a new school blues touch to it. It’s a song that Rihanna gave her all to perform when she performed it live at the 2016 MTV VMAs – with riffs, runs, high notes, breaks, low notes, dragged notes. The ballad silenced naysayers and convinced people of her vocal abilities, so if there’s a song to perform to prove a point and knock the socks off of judges and the audience, this is it! S’22kile has proven her sassy, sexy and maturity in the past months on the show, could this be the performance that catapults her further into stardom as it (and the album) did for RiRi? The Navy’s watching!

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