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Sia Mzizi's swan song – Idols SA

21 October 2021
After his elimination during the Top 6 reveal, it's time to say goodbye to Idols SA contestant, Sia Mzizi.
Sia Mzizi farewell cover

For every single Idols SA contestant but one, there is an unavoidable truth: if you hang around long enough, eventually somebody is going to ask you to leave. We’re well into the stage of the competition where, every week, we lose one of the hopefuls. It’s sad, of course, since everybody who has made it this far has proven that they are more than capable at throwing down a few verses, but – the show being what it is – there can only be one winner.

The latest contestant to be sent on his way was Sia Mzizi. This happened during the Top 6 reveal last Sunday, and – as always – it was something of a pity since we had learned that his planned performances for the night would be “How Do You Sleep” – originally by Sam Smith – and the super-challenging “Emakhaya” by the more-than-capable Mlindo The Vocalist.

C’est la vie, however, and we need to get over it – although not just yet. We thought we’d take a trip down memory lane to remind ourselves of his rather impressive time in the competition.

Obviously, every Idols SA journey starts with the same, single step – the audition. It should come as no surprise – since you’re reading this article – that Sia managed to jump that hurdle with relative ease. Here’s a look how:

Once he received his Golden Ticket, it was time to introduce the audience to the new hopeful, and that was done with the usual video profile, that you can see here:

Reflecting on his time in the competition (which you can see later in this article), Sia spoke about his highlight in the competition, which was when he secured his place in the Top 16 – a feat he accomplished with this performance of “Heartbreak Anniversary”:

His final showing came during the Showstopper episode – a show that was characterized by a hybrid of preproduced music videos blending seamlessly into live performances – and Sia made it count with a slick interpretation of De Mthuda’s “John Wick”:

Unfortunately, that was where his Idols SA journey ended, but this is probably not the end of his musical career. He has already expressed interest in working with numerous South African artists, so we expect to hear from him in the not-too-distant future. Here is our final interview with him after learning about his elimination from the competition:

Good luck, Sia! Don’t be a stranger.

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