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Showstopper tweets for a Showstopper episode! – Idols SA

12 October 2021
WHAT A WOW! That’s the article… Well it would’ve been if you didn’t give us so much content on the socials to talk about! Let’s get into your tweets and comments from Season 17’s Showstopper episode!
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First thing’s first, we take our hats off to the Idols SA production team at-large for their impeccable work on this season’s Showstopper episode! Online judges were impressed with it all! Just search ‘@IdolsSA production’ on Twitter if you don't believe us!

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Top7 made their Showstopper debut with 'Osama', a track by the ever so talented Zakes Bantwini and Kasango! Purely prolific!

You know of sailors knots correct? So what better way to send our finalists off sailing the Top 7 seas than ‘Bopha’ as the opening performance song!? The popular amapiano song was signed, sealed and delivered by Felo Le Tee and Mellow & Sleazy and it was tight!

And then it was finally time to welcome the ever beautiful, talented and legendary Thembi Seete as the Showstopper guest judge! The Twitter streets said SCREAM! Thank you Idols SA fam for giving her the best warm welcome – yes we do need to know what fountain of youth she’s sipping from, yes she was a spectacular guest judge and yes, she definitely deserved all the hype! A fitting showstopper judge for the Showstopper show.

On Beyoncé’s internet, you showed S’22kile the utmost love for her effortless execution of Beyoncé’s ‘Dance For You’. She was S’22 Fierce! The judges called it her best performance of the season thus far and you, our online judges agree!

Kwafika isterring uSia Mzizi, who, after a tumultuous feedback session in episode 13, came back harder, better, faster, stronger! Sia performed ‘John Wick’ by De Mthuda and killed it!

Karabo has proven herself time and time again this season and definitely deserves the R.E.S.P.E.C.T she sang about! Guest judge Thembi Seete said she has pipes and our addition to that fact is, FOR DAYS! The late great Aretha Franklin must’ve been happily hyping Karabo on from her resting place.

Anyone else have ‘LaLaLa’ stuck on repeat in their minds after Daylin Sass’ performance?! For someone that said he can’t dance, he sure brought the moves and as always, brought the vocals! He’s definitely the performer he thinks he is and more.

Guest judge Thembi Seete didn’t allow a language barrier to stop her from telling Berry just how much she adores her! She got an invite to the “cookout” and was encouraged to pursue her other talents as well after Idols SA otherwise, bazoku kwatela Berry!

One thing about Nqobie is that she will take the advice of the judges and apply it to her next performance. This past Sunday, we saw her step out of her comfort zone and dance as she painlessly sang Ciara’s ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love’. Randall has compared her calm and talent to the acclaimed Sade and this week, she’s received a request for a Toni Braxton song choice and we’d love to see it!

Mzansi’s golden boy AKA ‘Mr Liquid Gold’ Kevin Maduna understood the ‘showstopper’ assignment according to you Mzansi! ‘We Dance Again’ hit track by Black Coffee and Nakhane Toure was brought back to glory through Kevin’s performance and he didn’t allow the whole of South Ah to hema (breathe), including Thembi Seete. And that’s how the Showstopper show was concluded – breathtaking.

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