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Farewell Kevin Its been a ride Idols SA

11 November 2021
As we come to terms with Kevin having been eliminated from the competition, we reflect on the HUGE impact he had during his run in the competition.
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On Sunday, Kevin Maduna was eliminated from Season 17 of Idols SA, which has obviously resulted in many fans being extremely disappointed. From the start, it was clear that Kevin possessed heaps of talent, and it would have been awesome to see how he raised his game had he made it through.

Alas, it was not to be, so it’s time to look back over his time in the competition, which started where these things always do – his audition:

During the earlier stages of the competition – when most of the performances took place in groups – Kevin stood out with this solo performance:

Once it became clear that he was here to stay, it was appropriate to find out a little more about him, so the team got hold of him to develop a profile that would introduce him to fans a little more fully:

One of the major chokepoints in the contestants’ progress through the competition is the Top 16 stage of the competition, when they are divided into two groups. Kevin managed to make it through this point in the competition with this excellent performance:

Having made it through, it seemed like there was no stopping Kevin – he wowed audiences time and time again, displaying an amazing ability to mould any song to his personality and singing style:

Kevin – while definitely falling into the “sultry” camp – was more than able to dial up the energy when the circumstances demanded, as this performance of “Banyana” makes very clear:

Then came this Sunday, and his final performance. Out of the ordinary for the competition, all the remaining contestants performed a song before finding out which one of them had been eliminated. Kevin took to the stage alongside Dumi Mkokstand to perform a gospel duet:

And that’s that – almost. In the aftermath of his elimination, we got to sit down with Kevin for a final word:

Goodbye, Kevin – we’ll miss you.


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