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Episode 3 produced magic numbers Idols SA

27 July 2021
There’s no denying that episode 3 treated us to some magical performances, ergo giving us 24 Golden Ticket winners!
Episode 3 produced magic numbers  Idols SA

Ngeke silabale iepisode 3 (We will never forget episode 3)! There were those that made it quite clear that they just want to be on TV, but those that really wanted to succeed got exactly what they worked hard – a coveted Golden Ticket! 

Ringo Madlingozi joined our judging panel as guest judge and his presence supplied us with much content but more importantly, he added a certain weight to the experience. His award-winning, legendary status made for great mentorship for all contestants and some Twitter users agree.

22 year-old ‘Kat’ made an unusual yet cathartic entrance in hopes of showing the judges that he is not a one-trick pony! He was praised by the entrance king, Somizi, and later earned himself three yeses for his endearing rendition of ‘At Your Best (Let Me Know)’ by late songstress, Aaliyah. Let’s hope this Golden Ticket winner can continue impressing the judges with more range in his voice and stage presence.

What is Idols SA without a success story? Daylin, dubbed as Randall’s son in the audition room due to their similar choice of hairstyle, comes from Hanover Park in Cape Town. The area is quite an impoverished area, with little to no opportunities for the youth to make something great of themselves. Daylin found his escape through music and hopes to spread a message of positivity to everyone that hopes to make it out their situation. He’s well on his way to spreading that message via his Golden Ticket win and secured Theatre Week spot!

Lest we forget Siyabonga! A talented 21 year-old reigning from Potchefstroom currently studying Classical Music at NWU. It’s no wonder that his song choice was a classic love ballad by Oletta Adams ‘I Just Had To Hear Your Voice’, which made us want to hear his voice over and over again.”Whoa! It sounds like the record!”, said Randall, which is probably the highest compliment he’s paid a contestant. Furthermore, he assured Siya that they will be looking out for him, which we feel is motivation enough to keep him fighting for a spot in the Top 16, and maybe, just maybe, that ‘Idols SA Season 17 Winner’ spot.

Along with the aforementioned Golden Ticket winners, we can look forward to seeing 18 year old Andiswa from Johannesburg, comeback kid Tiisetso “Misty” who is 30 years old and hopes to be the oldest contestant to win Idols SA, 18 year-old Samukelisiwe “Samora” who walked away excitedly with four yeses.

Not everyone can sound like the record… or sound close to anything resembling a tune, but that doesn’t mean that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for them for their future success (outside of Idols SA). Take 22 year-old Karabo for instance, he has three albums under his belt, a fairly new YouTuber, rapper, dancer – so although his voice isn’t for Idols SA, he can always count on his other talents and new found fans.

Another such unlucky soul was 28 year-old Siphesihle who sounded nothing like Whitney Houston but sounded a lot like WHITEney Houston, which is probably what she was going for. She grabbed Somizi’s attention from the get-go – from the artist’s name, to her very early in the performance stumble. Once Somgaga had concluded that Siphesihle had “nothing”, she dared to challenge him with another song choice – Beyoncé’s ‘Listen’ which he took as her serenading him or... giving him a cheeky response. It goes without saying that she left with nothing, nothing, nooothiiing…

It’s truly never a dull moment in that audition room!

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