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Ep 8 and Ep 9 live shows R+R – Idols SA

09 September 2021
You reacted and responded and we made note of the most affirming tweets of Ep 8 and Ep 9 – featuring the whole of the Top 16, judges & host!
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Season 17 Idols SA live shows began on the 29th of August 2021! It was the best of times because you as our online judges made it so! This is what some of you had to say about the Top 16 Group 1 and Group 2 finalists – which both were worthy of praise! Lest we forget your love for the vocal coaches who double up as part of the band as well! What a season!

First thing's first, thank you for all the love you're sending our way about the new set design!

Group 1 / Group A:

Andiswa kicked off the Season 17 live shows... wait, we don't think you get it... The absolute FIRST show of SEASON 17! You'd think that such a task would make anyone anxious but not Andiswa. As her name suggests, she showed up and made sure the show's viewership grew.

If you have anything negative to say about Bulelani, you need to restore yourself back to factory settings because you are malfunctioning! Bulelani has remained this loveable, huggable,confident and talented performer from the moment he stepped on that Idols SA sign in the audition room. And we're not the only ones crushing on him and his voice! (... he has proposals he needs to attend to!)

Speaking of proposals, not only does her voice have iwoza woza, but so does her whole persona! She's widely loved, she is stunning and we don't blame this man for wantin to risk it all for her.

She who has come out victorious – Nqobile AKA Nqobie! From the audition room, all throughout Theatre Week and now live show, she's conquered it all and now that stage and any stage can be her oyster! Randall probably voiced exactly what Mzansi wanted to say out loud.

Another thing fans wanted to say out loud was the fact that Sia Mzizi's rendition of 'Heartbreak Anniversary' brought about feels we all tried to hide behind tweets. As per the a member of the Idols SA fam below, Sia definitely SANG that hit!

We've all read or heard about Robin Hood right? But, you do you know about Tesmin-Robyn?! She's been "robbin'" views and breaking and entering into peoples rich hearts with her larger than life voice in her 'dynamite comes in small packages' frame. It's okay if you didn't see her coming, but watch out for where she's going!

We wouldn't normally leave our doors open in South Ah, but for Daylin Sass, we all might reconsider! He'd said he'd been craving to sing this tune and he got his opportunity and the doors have been open since!

Berry needs no introduction. Strong vocal chords, beautiful face, unique arm art, some of the Idols SA fam's fighter with a sweet, infectious smile. Ladies and gentlemen, The Berry!

And one special mention to Thato Immaculate; dance choreographer who created a viral TikTok dance to the 'It Ain't Me' song (a remixed version by Dj Abux x Soulking featuring Innocent)... She is now an honorary member of the Top 16... A silent, not seen not heard member, but she was there!

​Group 2 / Group B:

uSiya kai one! Our resident trained and talented voice, honorary stage sharer with the late, great Dr Sibongile Khumalo and just an all-round stand up guy. He's one to follow as tweeters have noted and an undeniable inspirational character in many people's story.

Zukisa M doesn't perform on the show, HE IS the show – attitude, confidence, talent, humour, style. He gets a big, colorful rainbow yes from us too!

She's come a long way from her audition to the live stage. We've all been following her growth and seeing her ease into her stardom confidently. Misty is the personification of 'chase your dreams' and she's doing it well judging from your tweets. 

BATHONG WENA Karabo! It's safe to say that after Sunday's performance, Karabo has made her mark and imprinted on many South Africans who enjoy the show! A young seed who once auditioned and denied has returned and is in full bloom!

S'22kile, is the one TWO watch! She's been a fan favourite since the audition stages and is now collecting her flowers! Young, vibrant, beautiful, stylish, talented, what's not TWO love?

If there was another time for balloon showers for Monique Erens, it would've been after this performance! She sounded amazing; Mr. A imparted some advice for her to go and listen to the queen Barbra Streisand for pointers on how to tackle highnotes to which Unathi pointed out that that advice in itself is a compliment for her to run with. Now if we get into her whole look on stage, we'd be here until another Sunday – she was breathtaking. 

Ithana has a way with words, a way with people and a way with sound. You almost just want to bottle her up so you can experience her daily. There's something about her and SA artist, Donald, sees it too!

The world stood still when the pandemic hit, but boy are we happy that Kevin Maduna didn't let his situation hinder him from making his way into that audition room and eventually into all of Mzansi's heart. If it's not his style on people's lips, it's just how rich and husky his voice is! A lot of you have placed him in your 'Top this' and 'Top that' lists so we wish him and all Top 16 contestants all the best!

Appreciation Tweets:
You've been oh so kind this season guyzini!

Randall Abrahams, fondly known as Mr. A, has earned himself many more fans this season. There isn't a Sunday that Mr. A doesn't get an appreciation tweet. The biggest of them all from episode 8 was from Eusebius Mckaiser.

The ever so stylish, beautiful, tearful and philosophical judge of them all... Unathi Nkayi! Getting her well deserved praise.

What would Idols SA be without our host with the most, ProVerb!? We appreciate you for holding the show down.

What it do LADY DU! Our first live show guest judge and we think she did an exceptional job.

Buhle Mda provided us with many meme-able moments last year and of course you guys were excited for what she could give us next when elected as episode 9's guest judge. She gave us quotables such as 'bathong wena' and then... 'oksalayo!'. She's walking, breathing, living content!

Our unsung heroes and heroins, vocal coaches, supporting vocalists and band members – the backbone of this show! We appreciate you all!


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