Theatre Week's 31 hopefuls – Idols SA

07 September 2020
Nerves of steel are required as the Idols SA singers wait for a week to know their fate.
The Idols SA judges

Watch ALL the Theatre Week solo performances HERE!

All that starts well, ends well. This was the case when 31 hopefuls took to stage to sing for the last time before the Idols SA judges could deliberate and decide on who will make it to the top 16 of season sweet 16.

The solo performances were off to a great start when Succedor performed first and impressed the judges. “He just shut it down. I mean, there is no question of whether he was good or not,” emphasised Unathi.

Although the judges enjoyed his performance, Succedor already felt like a winner. “I’m so honoured to be working with musicians that work with big artists in the music industry. I never thought I would have this opportunity. I’m honoured. It is really a  step closer to my dream,” he explained.

Qhawe followed and all three judges were convinced that his voice, looks, and stage presence were fit for an Idols SA winner. In Randall’s words, “He will get votes.”

From there, the solo performances were not as convincing. Most of the contestants hoped that the judges would see beyond their nerves and flaws and see the passion in their eyes for singing.

There were more than a handful of shaky performances that left Unathi, Randall and Somizi unimpressed. Nevertheless, Dee, Busi, Bongi, Sonwabile, and Ndoni restored the hope in the judges. They belted out the songs that were chosen for them like they really wanted to win the competition.

Then there was lady Be, who ensured that the race to the Top 16 was fully back on track. She sang Dumi Mkokstad’s song Ziphozenkosi with much grace in her voice. The judges suspected that she has stage performance experience because her delivery was exquisite.

Towards the end, two returnees – Melanin and Diego – went on stage to try and give the competition another try, but the judges didn't seem persuaded enough by their redemption songs.

The last few days of Theatre Week ended well, with Zhan-Reece closing with a bang. Somizi and Unathi were dancing on their seats, smiling and cheering him on. He even got a standing ovation from Unathi and a loud cheer from Somgaga, who asked for an encore.

“The most exciting stage of the competition is just around the corner and viewers should expect something special as our 31 contestants will get to know in a week’s time whether they have made the cut to be in the top 16 or not,” says Nomsa Philiso, Director for Local Entertainment Channels.

And that is how the curtains closed on the 2020 Season 16 Theatre Week.

The question now is, who sung well enough to secure a spot in the Top 16?

Watch ALL the Theatre Week solo performances HERE!

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