New singles and their songs of the season! – Idols SA

02 December 2020
This Sunday the Idols singers take a trip to the past with their fave performances and the future as we premiere their new tracks!
The Idols SA Top 3

In the Top 2 reveal show, the Idols will sing two songs done previously in the season again – and excitingly, we’ll be hearing their new Kalawa Jazmee-assisted singles!

Brandon: John Legend – ‘Good Night’ / Calum Scott – ‘Dancing On My Own’ / New single ‘Uhambe’:

Do you remember that we almost lost Brandon right at the beginning of Theatre Week when he forgot his lyrics, first up? Well, thankfully he recovered, first in a great group performance of ‘eMcimbini’ alongside Succedor and Mr Music (!), and then this John Legend number, which has the requisite passion Brandon savours.

His ‘Song of the Season’ is his Top 16 endeavour, Calum Scott’s ‘Dancing On My Own’, which he turned from dance smash into inimitable Brandon intensity with a delightful and poignant acoustic rework.  “That was the best performance, for me, on an Idols stage,” he says. “People fell in. love with me – it was just amazing.” Yes, it was, and we can’t wait to hear it again!

His Kalawa-assisted single is titled ‘Uhambe’ – “a vibey song about a guy who’s just happy with a girl” – stay tuned!

Mr Music: Linda – ‘Ngamthanda Umuntu’ / Sun-El Musician & Ami Faku – ‘Into Ngawe’ / New single ‘Ngikhethe Wena’:

First up is Mr Music’s original audition song in Durban, Linda’s ‘Ngamthanda Umuntu’, which immediately made his Thami Shobede infatuation clear. We’re sure the angelic former Idol was watching down with a smile! The tune also highlighted the singer’s affinity for local songs – one that’s kept him in good stead throughout the competition!

His ‘Song of the Season’ is the magnificent ‘Into Ngawe’ by Sun-El Musician and Ami Faku, which he nailed in the Top 9 show. Aided by our brilliant backing singers and beast of a band, it still elicits goosebumps, and if he can shimmy his way through it again, it’ll be a delight.

His new single is titled ‘Ngikhethe Wena’, which he says is about “love – rejoice, be happy, that you chose your person.”

Zama: Mariah Carey – ‘Without You’ / Jennifer Hudson – ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ / New single ‘Ndizobizwa’:

We start with Zama’s Theatre Week solo, Mariah Carey’s ‘Without You’, an iconic tune that was originally a hit for Badfinger, and then Harry Nilsson. It’s a typically wide-ranging Mariah song that showcased the strength of Zama’s vocals, and Zama reckons “it was my best performance.” But can she step up her stage presence game?

Then it’s Jennifer Hudson’s retake of ‘A Change is Gonna Come’, which was met with huge plaudits from the judges in our Top 10 show. A storied protest song performed by Sam Cooke, it was the definitive demonstration of Zama’s versatility (she followed it up with an effortless reworking of Doja Cat – rapped bars and all!). It was a big moment she’ll hope to replicate.

Her new track is tilted ‘Ndizobizwa’, a song she describes as “inspirational – about being called by the Lord – being remembered by the Lord.” We cannot wait!

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