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Home Town: Soshanguve
Audition City: Pretoria

If you were a super hero, what would your powers be & why?
I would want my super power to be mind control, so I can get anything I want, from anyone.

Name three music icons you’d invite to your dinner party and why? 
The late HHP. I’ve learnt a lot from the stories he would tell in his songs and dining with him would have been a great opportunity to learn a lot.
TKzee… hoping their eternal drip rubs off on me!
Kendrick Lamar because he is one of the most renowned & creative musical geniuses of our generation. It would be great to get an in-depth perspective on his creative process.

What are your best traits?
Physical: I've been told I have a great smile, so I’ll go with that.
Personality: I am always willing to help someone out.

What sets you apart from the other finalists?
I am not influenced by singers but mainly instrumentalists and rappers

What’s the first thing you’ll do when you WIN Idols? 
Travel Africa.