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Theatre Week: The toughest part yet - Idols SA

02 August 2019
They don't call it Hell Week for nothing! Only the strongest survive.
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Dubbed 'Hell Week', the Idols SA Theatre Week is widely known as the toughest part in the journey to the top for any contestant. Filled with new territories and daunting challenges, the gruelling phase of the competition seeks to separate the wheat from the chaff and select only those truly worthy of singing for your votes. But for those who may still be wondering what it is about this phase of the show that makes it so tough, here's a quick breakdown.

Highly Unpredictable!

Theatre Week is famously unpredictable. There's no telling what the judges will decide to do, how they'll structure the performances and how to guess if you're staying or going. Further yet, the judges give little feedback in the early stages of the round which means you're often left wondering whether you truly slayed on stage! This can then turn nerves all the way up for contestants and make it harder to concentrate on practicing for their performance. You need to have some strong resolve to make it through and stay focused on what's important.

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Unchartered Territory

For most of the Idols SA contestants this is well and truly their first time ever experiencing anything like this. Even for seasoned performers, Theatre Week presents a completely new landscape that they have to navigate. This means they're not just thinking about a great performance, they also have to quickly learn how to strategise, plan and execute on stage! It really isn't for the faint hearted!

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Nowhere To Hide

Auditions may not be easy but they're a walk in the park compared to Theatre Week. This is because the judges are no longer as easy going and as forgiving. With the strenuous task of cutting down almost a 100 potential stars to a Top 16 and with the added pressure of Mzansi looking to them to do the right thing, there's no time for mercy and second chances. Only the best of the best get the green light which means there's little margin for error and certainly no place to hide!

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...and that's what makes it great!

As daunting and intimidating as this may all sound, the beauty of it is that is essentially makes Theatre Week the equivalent of a star bootcamp. Contestants give 200% and leave their all on that stage. It's a brutally honest glimpse into what star-life is really like and prepares them for the ever-challenging live shows and possible stardom ahead.

So for those willing to take the punches and crawl through the trenches, only good things are to be found on the other side! Plus, who wouldn't love to have the opportunity to perform for millions of South Africans? See! It actually is all worth it in the end!

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