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The theatre of dreams comes alive! - Idols SA

05 August 2019
It's a battle to the final 16 for the Idols SA hopefuls at Theatre Week!

It was 86 contestants battling it out for 32 coveted spots that were up for grabs. Theatre Week was fast turning into a theatre of dreams coming alive and some dreams shattering before hopefuls’ eyes. 

The contestants had a playlist of 10 songs to choose from. This is what many could call a professional audition with a pianist accompanying the contestants for the first time in the history of the competition.

Song choices stressed the candidates, and many of them weren’t sure if they had made the right song choice. Some had chosen songs they didn’t even know. 

Micayla, the Pop Up auditions golden ticket winner was the first to take the Theatre Week stage and she was also the first to get the green light to proceed to the next phase of the competition. “I started crying. It has been my dream for three years. I am through to the next round and I am excited,” she said. 

It was off to a great start, and in as much as they won’t all make it, a positive start gives everyone the hope that they too will make it to the next round. 

It wasn’t long until the Theatre Week axe started falling on many of the aspirants as the cut to be part of the 32 continued. It was the end of the road for many of them. After day one, there were 54 survivors.

Emotions were running high and as a sign of the intensity, Melanin was very angry at her teammates. She felt as though they were not being considerate. “I shouldn’t be in a place where I have to cry. I have been keeping to myself all along,” she explained. 

Then there was Thoriso whom Somizi and Unathi were not sure about in terms of his performance. Again, Randall revealed his compassionate side and saved him. “I’m the only one who wants to hear one of the singers sing again. Thoriso, you live to fight again,” Randall explained. 

Some of the groups were exceptional with all the members getting the green light, including the “boys to men” group of Andy, Nolo, Sfiso and Sizwe who sung a memorable rendition of the real Boyz II Men’s On Bended Knees

At the end of the first round of Theatre Week, 54 people saw their Idols dream and journey end. Tears and pain is what they had when they were sent back home having given it their best. 

In what is dubbed the week of hell, the 32 hopefuls will be battling it out for the Top 16 spot. With the twin sisters Viggy and Virginia and brothers, Nolo and Thoriso still in the competition, we shall see if they will all secure their spots in the Top 16. 

The fight for Top 16 Spot is on! 

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