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The secrets to picking your Top 16 - Idols SA

15 August 2019
Being a great singer is just the first part!
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How do they do it? That's the question running through everyone's minds this week as the judges prepare to select the final 16 contestants for a group of 32 incredibly gifted singers. It comes as no secret that this is the toughest part yet for our judges, Unathi, Randal and Somizi but it has to be done none the less. As these are the final few who will go on to have the honor of singing for your votes LIVE on Idols SA. 

So how do you make such a tough decision? There are a handful of crucial elements that help the judges trim down their list and we're here to break it down for you:

Pressure Control 

From the very first audition to the gruelling Theatre Week and beyond, Idols SA is all about how well you manage your nerves and push through the pressure. Those who struggle to keep their cool when the spotlight shines on them risk finding themselves swimming in the deep end come the live shows and the judges are well aware of this.

Stage Presence

You want to be a star right? Well then own it! For the 3minutes that a contestant is on the Idols SA stage belting out a hit song, the stage beneath their feet is all theirs and no one else's! So it goes without saying that contestants have to show that they OWN IT and are in total control. There's no room for the shy or timid. If you have a light in you, you better let it shine!

The X Factor!

Somethings just can't be seen, touched or have a name put to them but you just know they're there. The mysterious yet vital X factor is that unqiue little touch of magic inside a contestant that makes them stand out in a crowd without them even saying a word.  It's what takes a good singer to a great star and perhaps the most crucial of elements for the Top 16 contestants.

These three along with other core elements like talent, track record and more, guide the judges as they select the absolute best suited singers worthy of singing for your votes. That's why we absolutely can't wait to witness who will make the cut and be that much more closer to being in your Idols SA season 15, Top 16!

All will be revealed this Sunday!

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