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The #IdolsHighSchoolThrowback Challenge – Idols SA

25 October 2019
We asked our hopefuls to share some adorable, High School snaps and we are IN OUR FEELS!
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As you know by now, we're celebrating the songs that served as the backdrop to the high school years of many this week. Naturally this got us thinking, "what were our Idols like back in their early teens and what's changed since then?." As you might have expected given how talented they are, we unearthed some fascinating hidden talents and accounts. Here are a few things you may have not known.


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It's obviously no surprise that the girl who's been dubbed "SA's Ariana Grande" has the range to slay in the school choir. That said, Micayla revealed that she struggled with the masked, choral singing style that was expected of everyone. Her vibrant tone always stood out and she actually found herself straining and doing harm to her voice after a while so she dipped and started a band with her mates!


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Over and above looking absolutely nunus in this pic, we were also impressed to discover that our resisdent, husky-voiced phenom, Sneziey is also an instrumentalist. In fact, we're now holding thumbs for her to flaunt her skills on the Idols SA stage. Maybe to a Tracy Chapman song since she also has that beautiful, smokey tone 😍? Speakng of tone, Sneziey told us that like Micayla, she also sang in the choir but as Tenor. Despite being encouraged to sing only Alto and Soprano she continued to excel and became the first girl in her school to get an award for excellence in what was considered a male voice.


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Looking back at these High School snaps was a lovely reminder of what an incredible guitarist Nolo is and we immediately got flashbacks of his beautiful audition in Pretoria. We really hope he treats us to another acoustic performance before the season ends. It should also come as little surprise therefore that Nolo played in a band in High School and like our other talent, he also sang tenor in the choir before morphing into the stunning Baritone he is now. Ever the self deprecating and humble lad he is, Nolo also described himself as being a bit silly. Gotta love a man who isn't afraid to poke fun at himself.


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Luyolo got lauded for his work ethic and ability to take instruction and work well with others way back in Theatre Week. We'd like to think it's something that's played an instrumental role in the way he keeps levelling up each week. After chatting about his high school memories, it makes sense why he's so prudent as he actually formed a boys choir of his own accord with his friends and they were so exceptional they got to tour and even travel up to Jozi and perform. Watching his face light up as he spoke about it makes it clear what a profound accomplishment this was for him.


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