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Song Choice: The SHOWSTOPPER – Idols SA

09 October 2019
It's one of the most highly anticipated nights of the season so your faves have made sure to pick some epic numbers!

Since Idols' inception we've been transfixed on finding hopefuls who are the total package, not just great singers. We'd like to think this is the reason Idols produces more stars than any other platform in the nation. CHIEF among the complex mix of endowments that many have dubbed IT factor is exceptional charisma in performance. All the most prominent musicians throughout history have made a name for themselves because they know how to leave any captive audience put before them, exhilarated. It's not necesarily just dancing either, but rather the ability to command a stage with a certain panache and authority that can be felt even in the very back of the arena.

THAT, ladies and gentlemen is why Showstopper is so hotly anticipated. It's typically the night our budding stars finally get to completely let loose in the most explosively entertaining way. Come Sunday night, there'll be no room for shrinking voilets, because anyone who doesn't assert themselves is surely going to get over-powered by the sheer spectacle unfolding amidst them. Stunning sets, troops of dancers, intricate light shows, FIRE everywhere. 🔥😍

That said, if their past successes are anything to go by, we have no doubt in our mind that this year's Idols are going to give us one of the most EXCITING showstoppers to date. They're young, charismatic, confident and really good dancers too so the excitement is palpable. Without further ado, here's what's coming at you on Sunday night!

Showstopper Song Choice


'Dance Till You Drop' by Naakmusiq 



'Worth It' by Fifth Harmony



'Johnny' by Yemi Alade



'Speed of Sound' by Da Capo



'Proud Mary' by Tina Turner



'Hamba' Zanda Zakusa



'Khona' Mafikizolo ft. Uhuru


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