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Showstopper: Get ready for flames! - Idols SA

13 October 2019
There's a reason why it's one of the most anticipated episodes of the season!

Spectacular stage set ups and larger than life performances all lead to one of the most extravagent productions of the season! The Idols SA Season 15 Showstopper is officially here and all we can say is brace yourself, it's going to be an explosive ride!

To gear ourselves up for the sensational performances that are coming our way this Sunday we took a look at some of the most epic live performers in history and the performances that never get old. Check out our Top 3 below and share your own list with us on Twitter using the hashtag #IdolsSA

Michael Jackson - MoTown 25th Anniversary

The King of Pop essentially gave us the blueprint for showstopper! With his impeccable stage presence, killer moves and tireless performances, it truly is safe to say no one comes close to Michael Jackson and that's why he will forever be number 1!

Beyonce - Live At Roseland

It goes without saying that Queen B is BAWSS! Pick any era, any concert or any album and you're sure to find a live performance of hers that left jaws on the floor. Putting up to 8 months of rehearsals into a single show, you know you're bound to get something that's absolutely magical! If there's anyone we can borrow a page or two from, it's Mrs Carter!

Brenda Fassie - Weekend Special (LIVE)

Forget pyrotechnics. Leave the fancy stages at home. Don't even bring backing vocalists. All MaBrrr ever needed was an audience and a microphone and memories would be made! Africa's princess had an inexplicable gift for getting crowds eating out the palm of her hand as she totally owned the stage with her infectious energy and bubbly personality. If there's anyone who ever consistently gave show-stopping performances, it's the legendary Brenda Fassie!

Excited yet? Checkout the songs your faves will be performing at Showstopper this Sunday

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