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Our Social Platform Use Policy – Idols SA

19 August 2019
RULES: Use of the Idols SA Facebook Page and Social Platforms
Social Media Policy

1. No hate speech is allowed

2. Do not use obscene, rude, crude or insulting names towards Idols SA, its platforms or personalities.

3. Do not harass, threaten, embarrass, swear at, sexually harass or abuse any participant or user on our platforms.

4. For your safety, please do not post personal information like (ID number, phone number, smart card number) on our wall or in the comments. Click here to see why: www.popi-compliance.co.za

5. Comments that are negative, defamatory in nature or intended to incite hostility may be moderated and where neccessary, a user may be banned.

6. Duplicate postings (to queries already answered or any efforts at spam) will be viewed as 'flooding' and will be deleted.

7. Users found to be falsely speaking on behalf of or representing themselves as an employee of MultiChoice, DStv, or M-Net will have their posts moderated. Any user found in regular violation of this rule will be banned from the page.

8. Responses to any posts or users that are guilty of violating the above rules will also be moderated accordingly.

9. Your privacy is important to us. We ask that you do not post personal/account details directly on our wall but rather send these to our inbox as and when neccessary. If you do post your personal details on our wall, we will delete your post after taking note of your details. Please do not be alarmed.

10. Do not spam our page with offensive images or videos. Any links posted to this page that don't have anything to do with our show will be deleted.

11. If you think you have a query that hasn't been addressed already, please visit our website at www.idolssa.tv and search for more information.

12. Our platforms are intended to be a space to share your experiences with Idols SA with other fans. Let’s please keep it clean.

*Please note: Comments posted on this page may be used for TV broadcast on Mzansi Magic and on www.mzansimagic.tv or on www.idolssa.tv. By posting here you are agreeing to such use.

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