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Mucho LOVE Trending on the TL! – Idols SA

27 August 2019
Sunday's FIRE performances had SA falling in love, but stellar vocals aren't the only thing our Idols showed off

It's well established by now that we have SINGISTS in our midsts this season 🔥🔥🔥. What was so special about Sunday's show however, is we began to see their stage identities take shape, something we rarely see this early in the competition. We aren't the only ones who picked up on this either because the #IdolsSA, Twitter fandom were hard at work, drumming up support for their winners while weighing in on the things that resonated with them.


They didn't just rock their performances, Sizwe and Nolo had ladies everywhere declaring their undying love and hurling marriage proposals in their direction because of the way they commanded the stage. Sizwe sped up the tempo and put his dashing smile and charm front and centre. He even bust out a few moves, which might not have been to Somizi's tastes but definitely resonated with his fans who were smitten!

Nolo also proved how coy, suave and unassuming he is, flashing a brilliant smile and chuckling through most of his insert before killing it on stage. A delighted Somizi promptly nicknamed him, "teddybear". It's pretty plain-to-see why the dehydration on the TL was NEXT LEVEL. 🙈🙈🙈


The gents weren't the only ones slipping into a comfortable space on stage either. Comeback kids, Xola and Dinky embodied the songs they were performing to a tee and delivered what we think are their BEST performances on Idols SA to date. Dinky's cover of 'Get You' (complete with stunning runs & falsetto notes) left us convinced she'd dominate in the Neo Soul space, while Xola donned the crown of sultry, House diva and wore it convincingly. In the same vein, Mmangaliso's mindblowing fashion transformation and afrolicious performance left us pining to nickname her new-found alter-ego.

In the same vein, we saw identical twins, Viggy and Virginia start to carve out distinct vocal and performance styles for themselves. Virginia was animated, soulful and playful on-stage while taking on Kelly Khumalo. We also noticed she's right at home belting out the sky-high notes. Viggy, on the other hand, has a rich and husky lower register which she uses to her advantage to deliver something raw and emotional every single time 👏


Getting pigeon-holed in this competition can stop you dead in your tracks so versatility is key. After all, the biggest and brightest stars know how to dable in different genres and carve out a unique sound and identity. Louise and Andy Keys kept things fresh and delivered something we'd yet to hear from them in the competition. The former, has typically excelled at uptempos so she slowed it down so she could flaunt her true vocal prowess with great success. Andy Keys also had us feeling lifted with a light-hearted pop gem.

Lines are open until 10PM so if you're falling in love like the fans we highlighted above, make sure to do the right thing and VOTE for your fave talent before their fates are sealed.

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