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Luyolo Yiba and Sneziey Msomi take the Top 2 Idols SA

10 November 2019
It's a battle of epic proportions for Luyolo and Sneziey as they're voted into the Top 2!

Fresh from their inspiring trip to New York, our idols contestants returned to the stage to give us one last chance to decide who gets to be the last man or woman standing in 15th season of Idols South Africa.

Tonight’s performances brought the competition full circle for the Top 3 contestants, Sneziey Msomi, Micayla Oelofse and Luyolo Yiba as they were given the opportunity to reflect on their experiences throughout the competition, singing the songs they performed during Theatre Week, as well as their favourite song of the season. The evening also featured some of our past contestants, who returned to remind us just how exceptional this season’s talent was.

The Top 3 then gave us a preview of just what the future holds as they performed their first official singles.

Leading this leap into the future, Sneziey took us to church with her gospel single, Kungumusa.  Randall Abrahams said it was a fantastic performance, while Unathi Nkayi said Msomi was a healer with a wonderful gift to have. Somizi Mhlongo said that for the first time since he has been on the show, there was a perfect match of song and artist. He said: “If you don’t win this competition, know you have won a career.”

Oelofse was next with her single, Tragic. The judges all agreed the song suited her well, even though she had offered something different from her usual performances. Nkayi said her song was playful and soulful at the same time. Mhlongo said it was her most beautiful performance of the competition as she had showed colour – it was dynamic yet mellow, while Abrahams said it was an introspective song that worked well because she had not offered a performance like that before. “You did well,” he said.

Yiba took to the stage with the uplifting Sunshine Through the Rain, a performance that drove the audience wild with cheers. Mhlongo declared that this song was proof enough for him that he would be in the finale, while Abrahams said he had made getting this far into the competition look easy. Nkayi gave him kudos for a strong, consistent and sturdy song that mirrored his journey on Idols.

With the new singles now out there for fans to enjoy, Idols said an emotional goodbye to Oelofse, who did not make it to the Top 2, making way for Yiba and Msomi to fight it out on stage to be the next SA Idol.

Msomi sang Chaka  Khan’s Through the Fire, which she initially sang during Theatre Week. Abrahams loved the “smooth, whisky, honey” tones of her voice, while Nkayi could only encourage her to enjoy her moment of victory. Mhlongo, however, felt her performance was too relaxed and advised her to kill her second performance.

Yiba performed Brian Temba’s Zanele, which he also performed during Theatre Week. Nkayi called him a fighter, saying “this is how you perform at this stage of the competition.” Mhlongo said the performance was perfect, while Abrahams admired the way he sings in a way that draws in people, saying he had every chance of winning the competition. 

Msomi took to the stage one more time to perform her favourite song of the season, Dladla Mshunqisi’s Pakisha, which she initially sang when the Top 9 contestants were announced. That performance had elicited wild cheers and had  Mhlongo praising her in tongues.

Mhlongo said she had ended her run in the competition on a high note, while Abrahams called her performance fantastic and told her to keep her eye on the prize, Nkayi commended her for not giving up.

Luyolo  returned to perform Sjava’s Abangani, which, like Msomi’s song, he had performed for a place in the Top 8. Mhlongo said he was proud of him, especially since he nearly did not make the second day of Theatre Week. Abrahams commended him for his consistency, saying he had worked hard and paced himself well.

And with that we have reached the end of the season, which has been filled with some exciting moment and explosive talent. Voting lines are open till Thursday to decide who gets to walk away as season 15’s SA Idol next week at Carnival City

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