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Have your first listen to this year's singles! – Idols SA

30 October 2019
Our Top 4 have been grinding hard in the studio as they get ready to storm the charts again!
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Many might not realise this but Idols is a multi-month marathon that requires immense mental fortitude and stamina. Every week, our final four have had to deliver top-notch performances, memorise choreography and lyrics and train their voices so they're strong and well conditioned. Things get even more gruelling in the coming days because they're spending hours laying down vocals for their brand-new singles over and above the usual rehearsals and technical run-throughs for Sunday night.

Add to that an 18 - 20 hour flight this Sunday and it becomes clear why there's a hefty reward at the end of the season. Our budding stars earn it! We also know that this is why Idols finalists who don't win still enjoy immense success. We train them to flourish under pressure.

We know you're pining to get into their debuts but they won't be ready for another week and will only premiere on 10 November. Lucky for all of us however, Gallo Records have given us a sneak peek. Let us know which one you think is going to be the best record.





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