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Audition missteps and how to avoid them! – Idols SA

30 January 2020
Over the years we've seen quite a few hopefuls miss out on a chance at stardom because of completely avoidable mishaps. We'd like to change that.

Idols SA Auditions kick off in Cape Town this Saturday (February 1st). There's already a wave of anxious excitement sweeping across SA as fans and hopefuls alike prepare for another nationwide talent search. The enormity of the Idols platform can sometimes overwhelm contestants, so we'd like to do more than just give you the bare deets. Hopefully these tips will inspire a little confidence and make this the best run we've had yet.


Please don't try to memorise an Audition song the day before or while you're waiting in line. It doesn't matter how many times you go over it, ANXIETY just has this incredible ability to wipe out our short-term memory. Many contestants have fumbled their lyrics because of this. Those of you who've ever tried cramming something outside an exam venue can also attest to the panic that sets in as you try to recall "this thing you were juuust looking at".

"Eish, but I know this...", and "I was singing it perfectly just now" are not going to get you that Golden Ticket beloved. Pick something you know and start rehearsing now.



Make no mistake, Mzansi's got "singists"! The more common your song is, the greater the chances that someone has already done it justice earlier that day. Now if the track perfectly suits your voice and range then you've got nothing to worry about, but if it doesn't, you run the risk of being forgettable. Pick something that distinguishes you from everyone else. Something that shows off your individual style of vocalising, your tone, your personality. The Judges will also REALLY appreciated hearing something fresh & unexpected.



Being a skilled instrumentalist is a huge plus for a musician on any platform. That said, it's imperative that you're actually comfortable singing alongside tackling guitar, piano or percussion lest they end up detracting from your performance. Practice those chord progressions again and again and remember to never hide behind the instrument. Let it complement your performance which should still be vibrant & passionate. If you're looking down at the keys and not engaging because you're afraid of messing up, leave it out altogether.


Smile and say, "Hello." Relax... Breathe. Exchange a little banter with our panel. If you're socially awkward, practice what you're going to say first or simply break the ice by confessing that you're a bit shy. Everyone's a little awkward sometimes so when you're polite and upbeat the atmosphere in the whole space shifts. Good energy is always reciprocated. Prime your audience for your performance by carrying yourself the right way. Confident, but never cocky. This is something you'll be doing for the rest of your career! The greatest entertainers make a connection long before they've even sung the first note.


If you make it to Theatre Week we'll coach you further on this but Idols is about far more than just singing. Sport something you're comfortable in but make sure it's stylish and striking. Also remember to get out of your own head and PERFORM. Though you should be mindful of the sound boom, do feel free to move, emote, dance and express the emotion you're conveying in the song. We're looking for people who have that hunger and drive! Show us that's who you are from the jump.

To rehash, Auditions take place;

SAT, 1 FEB 2020 at the Century City Conference Centre in Cape Town, 

SAT 15 FEB 2020 at the State Theatre in Pretoria,

SAT, 22 FEB 2020 at the Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani North Beach Ampitheatre in Durban and

SAT 7 MAR 2020 at Carnival City in Johannesburg.

You'll find more audition details like what to bring and when to rock up here on our site. Coming through? Document your journey using #IdolsSA on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Auditions for Idols SA Season 16 take place on SAT 1 FEB 2020 (Cape Town), SAT 15 FEB 2020 (Pretoria), SAT, 22 FEB 2020 (Durban) and  SAT 7 MAR 2020 (Johannesburg. Get exclusive updates on all the action right here on our site and don't forget to join the conversation by following us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram