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A star named Sneziey - Idols SA

20 November 2019
The start of great things to come for the Idols SA runner up.
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Blessed with an incredible voice, a bubble personality and endless talent, the world truly is Sneziey's oyster!

The Gogo's girl who hails from KwaZulu Natal stormed onto the scene with a near perfect run from the moment she auditioned to her final performance on the Idols stage and it was all thanks to a burning desire to show the world she was a bonafide star. Sneziey made her mark in particular thanks to a series of spine-tingling showcases that put her immense gift on display and never failed to touch souls. It became common place for Sneziey to leave many eyes in the room watery as she sang from deep within and laid her heart bare through the microphone.

So now as her Idols SA journey comes to an end and her dream as a South African superstar begins, we take a look at some of her greatest moments

The very first audition

Sneziey slays 'Pakisha'

Taking on the classics!

Taking us to the brink of tears

Then she took us straight to church!

And finally, her chart topping single 😍

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