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Tweets for the 10 – Idols SA

14 September 2022
The reveal of the Idols SA Top 10 was always going to be a popular show, and the viewing audience did not disappoint, taking to Twitter to weigh in on the conversation.
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The judges have limited power now that the Live Show phase of the season is in full swing. The future of any contestant is decided entirely by your votes, so the panel is nothing more than an advisory body. This doesn’t mean that viewers are simply going to let them say what they want without consequences, though. The live audience regularly gave the judges some flak when they disagreed with their opinions, and the Twitter audience was also happy to weigh in with their disagreements.

Of course, not everything the judges had to say was met with resistance. There are those viewers who appreciate the combined experience of the bench.

Idols SA is not about the judges, however, but about the talent, and you guys had plenty of support to show your faves on the night.

It should come as no surprise, however, that the public came out in full support of Nozi. Her performance brought the judges to their feet, and they couldn’t heap enough praise on her. Clearly, the viewers felt the same judging from the sheer volume of tweets that mentioned her.

The competition is only going to get fiercer from here on out, and we expect the viewers to become more and more vocal on social media as we approach the finale. This is going to be fun!