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A TWI-nale for the finale – Idols SA

24 November 2021
This past Sunday, we had a good send off for Idols SA Season 17 on Twitter as we celebrated our new gain, Berry, as this season’s Idol!
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This past Sunday, we had a good send off for Idols SA Season 17 on Twitter as we celebrated our new gain, Berry, as this season’s Idol!

We’ve been convening on the Twitter streets for the past 20 weeks now so it’s really hard to imagine what our Sundays will feel like without our Idols SA family gatherings on Mzansi Magic 161 and @IdolsSA on Twitter… But you all came out in numbers to celebrate the past successful season with us and we have the tweets to prove it! 

Here are the tweets that made the finale that much more finer!

We’ll start with the love you showed our golden host ProVerb! This season, he’s received love for more than just his hosting and VO skills but also for his fashion sense. Some of you need to find a well to quench the thirst and all of you think he’s doing well as the host and we couldn’t agree more!


Another thing ProVerb did well in is share the stage with Nigerian Idol’s golden host, IK, and as you can imagine, that stage was glistening! And there were glints in your eyes and little more sparkle in your tweets when he was on stage.


IK earned his keep and got to announce the well-loved musical duo Mafikizolo on stage, who you were all excited to see come out and perform for you after so long!


You all showed love to all our guest performers, from Mzu M (and Busta 929 in his absence), to Musa Keys and Nobantu Vilakazi! There was no heart emoji and kind word spared at the sight of each of them. No guests to the show though, Oskido and Ndoni came on to perform Oskido’s new single ‘Emakhaya’ along with Kalawa Jazmee camper Meez –  as you’ll remember, Ndoni was a part of Season 16’s Top 5 and has been a Kalawa Jazmee signee since then! We were all elated to have her back home and excited for her continued rise to stardom and ‘Emakhaya’ is a certified hit according to you guys!

If there’s one thing that Season 17 has done, it has been to call it’s Idols back home! Season 16’s winner Zama Khumalo came back to the Idols SA stage to perform her single ‘Is’thunzi’ from her debut album ‘In The Beginning’ and what a beautiful sight! She looked great, sounded amazing and her performance got some of you to sit up and take note of her album, WIN!


And what would a nail-biting moment be if not for ad breaks!? The man you all love to love really had you guys going before Season 17’s winner was announced and, ‘...eish, askies ausi/abuti’.


And before we get to the BERRY sweet tweets, we have to highlight how conflicted both THE BERRIES and TEAM KARABO were! So much that we saw so many tweets asking if they both can’t just take the title [insert one tear here]. You watched these two incredible ladies grow so it’s so natural to want the best for both of them! Immense love and support was poured out to both of them and that’s the energy we love and would like to invite to stay! You guys did vote 12.5 million times for these two after all!


TEAM KARABO you fought for your fighter and she wouldn’t have been where she is without you, so on her behalf, thank you!


A BIG thank you to THE BERRIES! Your Idols SA Season 17 winner is so filled with gratitude for each of you! The Twitter streets definitely became a whole lot sweeter soon as she was announced.


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