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5 types of spenders: Which one are you? – I Blew It

16 March 2022
Are you a “YOLO”, “got to have it” or a "thrifty" spender?
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How do you consider yourself as a spender? Are you impulsive or do you give it bit of thought before buying something? Would you rather spend money on something that will potentially give a hefty return in the long term? Here’s five types of spenders that you might relate to:

  1. The “YOLO” spender:

This spender lives by the moto: “You only live once” – YOLO. This type of spending can get you into a lot of debt. Take Keletso for instance, who spent a lot of money buying diamond rings for all the girls that he proposed to every other weekend.

  1. The “Keeping up with the Joneses” spender:

This spender constantly wants to impress people around them, from friends to family, neighbours and colleagues. Sphiwe bought 10 cars and spent about R50 000 on a party at girlfriend’s home.   

  1. The “Investor”:  

This type of spender usually buys something of substantial value, be it a house for mom, a certain investment or starts a company. Mathi started a business with his fortune and partnered with his friend.  


  1. The “Got to have it” spender:

This type of spender thinks they have to have that new dress, new pair of shoes, new device or new car. It’s basically impulsive buying, so to speak.


5.     The “Thrifty” spender:

Thrifty spender always has a budget in mind. They usually stick to their budget and are quite happy if they go under budget.


Were you able to relate to any of these types of buyers?


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