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Lindas dilemma Housekeepers

30 June 2020
She has a chose between going to jail and going into the lion’s den at the Ngubanes.
lindas dilemma article

Ever since Linda started working for the Zwides in season one, trouble has followed wherever she goes.

Linda thought she was finally free when she killed the Zwides but a new undercover mission, even more dangerous than the first, at the Ngubanes is her only get out of jail free card. Well, it is not free.

Linda has to get enough dirt on the Ngubanes for Conway to put them away. Sounds easy enough, except the Ngubanes are highly intelligent criminals who specialize in cleaning up the mess created by the rich and famous.

Their business is to leave no evidence, nor trace , nor bodies. As a funeral parlour servicing their high profile clients, they cremate everything and everyone.

So how can Linda take down this family? Does she stand a chance when they have the likes of Mkhonto as employee and guard?

Linda could take the option of confessing to the Zwide murders and doing time in jail. But, as a matter of principal after everything the Zwides put her through and as a matter of preference, that is not an option.

Detective Miya wants to push Linda into a confession and put her behind bars. However, he is not squeaky clean either. His relationship with Mkhonto is definitely going to get in the way of Linda’s undercover mission at the Ngubanes.

It is just a question of: How? Find out how Linda’s dilemma unfolds on #HousekeepersMzansi every Monday at 20:00.