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01 February 2024
Hlumelo has decisions to make.
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The fight to be Mrs Mxenge is underway as Hlumelo has many women to choose from, but who will win his heart? 

Ep 14  Thursday - 1 February  

Bring in the reinforcements.

Zimkhitha steps up her plan to seduce Hlumelo. Funeka sees Zimkhitha for the first time since finding out about Ntando and she sees red. Desperate to fix his marriage, Msimelelo enlists help from Funeka's family.


Ep 15  Friday - 2 February       

Untangling a web of lies.         

Msimelelo gives Funeka an unexpected ultimatum. Lulama is caught in her lies. Zimkhitha moves in on her prey and strikes.


Ep 16  Monday - 5 February 

Once a liar.    

Funeka makes an important decision about her marriage. Zimkhitha is on a mission to rebrand Hlumelo as a family man and he's on a mission to avoid her. After being caught, Lulama works to win Stokkie and Vuyokazi's trust back.


Ep 17  Tuesday - 6 February

A woman with child.

Funeka is reunited with an old friend. Lulama turns to Thulani for help. While Zimkhitha makes boss moves, Nozuko has a surprise for Hlumelo.


Ep 18  Wednesday - 7 February


Hlumelo wants to marry the woman who has made him the happiest man on earth, but the woman is not on board. Funeka spends the day with her old high school friend and Msimelelo is not too thrilled when he finally meets the man. Lulama is sure she will get the job she's hunting for as she also sets her sights on Thulani.


Ep 19 

Thursday - 8 February 

Unrealised dreams.

Hlumelo is undeterred by Nozuko's rejection. Msimelelo's fear of losing his wife intensifies. Thulani's becoming an obsession for Lulama.


Ep 20

Friday - 19 February  


Zimkhitha is convinced that she managed to secure hers and Ntando's futures. Msimelelo thinks he's being cheated on. Lulama doesn't seem to like her new friend and Stokkie is confused.


Ep 21 

Monday - 12 February 

Stay away from my wife.        

Funeka insists on continuing her friendship with Mzukisi and this doesn't sit well with Msimelelo. Zimkhitha thinks that she's making headway with Hlumelo, not knowing that Hlumelo wants Nozuko instead. Anathi thinks she has found a friend in Lulama, not knowing that Lulama just wants to be close to Thulani.


Ep 22

Tuesday -13 February

Baby on board.

Lulama tries to spend time with Thulani and impress him, but it falls flat. Funeka vows to put an end to making herself small for Msimelelo. Hlumelo announces Nozuko's pregnancy, shocking the whole family.


Ep 23  

Wednesday- 14 February 

Miracle baby. 

Zimkhitha hears that Hlumelo wants to marry Nozuko, and she thinks there's only one way to put a stop to it. Msimelelo tries to make amends after accusing his wife of infidelity, but will it work? Lulama starts to stalk the one she thinks she's destined to be with.


Ep 24

Thursday - 15 February

Damage Control.        

Zimkhitha plans to kill Nozuko's child. Funeka ends her marriage. Lulama's obsession with Thulani grows.


Ep 25  Friday

Friday- 16 February   

New offers and old grudges.    

Mzukisi makes Funeka an offer that's very hard to refuse. Lulama has something to celebrate. Zimkhitha makes a bold move to end Nozuko's pregnancy.


Ep 26 

Monday - 19 February

The life you deserve.  

A tragic situation brings Zimkhitha a little closer to her goal. Funeka is tortured by Mzukisi professing his love and she's conflicted. Msimelelo makes peace with Mzukisi.


Ep 27 

Tuesday- 20 February

A mother's worst nightmare.

Msimelelo is suspicious when Funeka suddenly begins avoiding Mzukisi. Lulama pleads with Nontle for her job back. Nozuko and Hlumelo receive troubling news about the baby.


Ep 28

Wednesday - 21 February

24 Flowers, Dogs & Prayer.

Zimkhitha is dying to get news on Nozuko's baby's death. Funeka chooses her marriage, but is it too late? Lulama goes to great lengths to create the illusion that she has a boyfriend.


Ep 29

Thursday - 22 February 

A leap of faith. 

Nozuko and Hlumelo take a leap of faith while Zimkhitha vows to get rid of a looming threat. Msimelelo's worst suspicious are confirmed. An eager to impress Lulama takes her lies to the next level.


Ep 30

Friday - 23 February

Reservation for two

Lulama spends the day preparing for a very special date, but it looks like she forgot to tell  the date it is happening. Msimelelo's fight with Mzukisi might be the one mistake too many for Funeka. Trouble with the business forces Hlumelo to make a decision that splits the Mxenges.


Ep 31 

Monday - 26 February

Pain on paper  

The Mxenge men pull together to make the legacy survive. Funeka leaves her pain behind her. Lulama obsession with Thulani refuses to stay hidden.    


Ep 32 

Tuesday- 27 February 

Hlumelo wants the whole family to be involved in the heist. Msimelelo drinks his sorrows away and Nontle doesn’t like it. Lulama lies to her mother about the break-up.


Ep 33

Wednesday- 28 Feb 24

Tomorrow is known.

Hlumelo is resolute on the heist despite Nozuko protesting. Msimelelo's world is falling apart. Sivuyile is spiralling. Matilda notices Lulama throwing herself at Thulani.


Ep 34  Thursday- 29 February

It's preparation time.

For Matilda, Lulama's stories aren't adding up so she's on a mission to figure out why. The Mxenges are nervous as they prepare for the heist. Msimelelo is trying to win his kids back, but Sivuyile is proving to be a bigger challenge than he anticipated.

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