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The fight for the throne – Gqeberha: The Empire

01 September 2023
It will get messy.
Ntando plans to discredit Nobumi – Gqeberha: The Empire Image : 30219

Who will take over the reigns now that Thulani is no more? The Mxenge siblings will put up a fight to secure their position.

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Episode 165 - 1 September

Nozuko is left alone after messing up. Bulelwa doesn't want to fight Zimkhitha and her kids. Funeka and Nontle have to figure out how to recover from this setback and fight crime. 

Episode 166 - 2 September

The fractures in Bulelwa and Luzuko's marriage only seem to grow bigger. Funeka toys with danger in attempt to protect her business. Nozuko atones for her actions.


Episode 167 - 5 September

Musa tries to insert himself in Funeka's business. Anathi gets sick. Mpilo struggles with his guilt.


Episode 168 - 6 September

Bulelwa wants to put an end to it all once and for all. Things go from bad to worse for Funeka. Thulani's gut tells him there's more to Anathi's symptoms.


Episode 169 - 7 September

Desperate to protect her restaurant, Funeka is forced to put her trust in Musa. To ensure Anathi's pregnancy runs smoothly, Thulani calls in some help. Luzuko officially hands the reigns to Ntando.


Episode 170 - 8 September

Ntando is forced to come clean when Luzuko kicks Bulelwa and Nobomi out of their home. Thulani and Anathi receive bad news about their baby. Funeka finds out the truth about Musa


 Episode 171 - 11 September

Ntando's actions seem to have far reaching consequences. Thulani finds himself with no hope in the face of growing problems. Funeka brings in the big guns to deal with an enemy.


Episode 172 - 12 September

Bulelwa gets her sister wife's troublesome child arrested and all hell breaks loose. A pregnant woman won't wake up from her slumber. A gun goes off during a scuffle at the Makwetus.


Episode 173 - 13 September

Luzuko fights for Bulelwa's forgiveness and Nobomi tries to bring to squash the family feud. Funeka is haunted by what she did to protect her children. Thulani drives Anathi away from East London, looking for help.


Episode 174 - 14 September

Luzuko decides to return as CEO with Nobomi by his side. Thulani comes to Bulelwa in desperation. Msimelelo returns with a bag of gold.


Episode 175 - 15 September

Thulani wants to remain a ghost while life slips out of Anathi. Msimelelo's dream is worth gold. Zimkhitha has run out of charity.


Episode 176 - 18 September

While Anathi battles for her life, Thulani battles Bulelwa's burning questions of where they've been. Nontu decides that Zimkhitha's not the only Mxenge she can turn to for money. Msimelelo gets his payday but Gubevu feels cheated.


Episode 177 - 19 September

Anathi and Thulani's secret burns a hole in Bulelwa's chest. Msimelelo asks why Funeka doesn’t have faith in him even after proving her wrong. Zimkhitha's done being used by her sister.


Episode 178 - 20 September

Thulani and Anathi learn of the sex of their baby and Bulelwa makes a tough decision. Msimelelo signs a deal with the devil. Zimkhitha has made up her mind and refuses to change it.


Episode 179 - 21 September

Luzuko is suspicious of Bulelwa's behaviour. Zimkhitha refuses to fall for Nontu's emotional blackmail. Msimelelo's greed is getting the better of him. He wants more gold to trade and is willing to part with 700K.


Episode 180 - 22 September

Vathiswa reveals Zimkhitha's secret unaware Nontu's listening in. Thulani's call gets Luzuko's suspicions right up. Msimelelo's charm falls flat.


Episode 181 - 25 September

Bulelwa blames Anathi for bringing doom to the Mxenges. Msimelelo's dream pushes him to do something behind Funeka's back. Zimkhitha is cornered as a past mistake gets thrown in her face.


Episode 182 - 26 September 

Has Msimelelo finally struck gold? Zimkhitha is worried when a guest extends their stay. The pressure of keeping someone's secret life becomes too much for Bulelwa.


Episode 183- 27 September       

Bulelwa and Thulani seem to reach a point of no return in their relationship. Msimelelo makes a loss that might cost him everything. Zimkhitha and Nontu's feud reaches a boiling point.


Episode 184 - 28 September

Nontu is willing to play dirty to get what she wants. Thulani and Anathi turn on each other. Msimelelo can't tell Funeka the truth.


Episode 185 - 29 September

Backed in the corner Zimkhitha gives in to Nontu's blackmail. The lovers, tear into each other. Someone discovers Msimelelo's secret.

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