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There's trouble in paradise – Gomora

01 September 2023
Nkosinathi tries hard to avoid the topic of Gladys’s betrayal, Zodwa spots lipstick on Bongani’s shirt.
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Episode 95

The Molefes get a strange visit. Officer Mthethwa arrives way too late for the RDP scammer. The matriculants are devastated when they realise that their paint has been mixed with water.


Episode 96

Sonto tells Detective Nabe to organise protection for her family. Zibuko wants the police to join the protest March and officer Mthethwa gets a call from Nabe. Zodwa is excited as she shares her plans for the money with Bongani.


Episode 97

Pretty does her emotional appeal on air. Gladys and Zibuko flirt in the car. Bongani gets a huge bill for the reception booze.


Episode 98

Bra Dicksy is on a mission to exact revenge, and he starts with Stompie. Sizwe strikes a deal with Tumelo. Phakama opts to hustle because school is just not for him.


Episode 99

Detective Nabe steals Sonto’s phone and calls Zimkhitha. Zibuko incites the public against the Molefes and almost comes to blows with Sizwe. MK blackmails Gladys into taking care of Lihle and Bonolo. 


Episode 100

Guns go off between Zibuko and Sonto - someone is shot. Nkosinathi’s attempt to save Phakama flops dismally. Zodwa gets an egg on her face when she tries to guilt trip someone.


Episode 101

Tshiamo screams when she sees her loved one shot. Zibuko kisses Gladys in her house and she tells him Nathi’s moving in. Zodwa wants all her wedding gifts out of her sight.


Episode 102

Pretty makes some bold plans for the funeral. Zodwa struggles to come up with money for her family. Bongani stumbles on a secret at Mazet’s lounge.


Episode 103

Bra Dicksy doesn’t feel bad about taking Sonto’s properties, saying he indirectly bought them with the money Sonto stole from him. Bongani reluctantly accepts money from the proceeds of stolen booze. 


Episode 104

Zibuko asks Gladys to be his alibi for the night of the killing. Mr. Faku gets an unexpected punch. Hlobisile tricks Sibongile into taking a wedding gift that doesn’t belong to her.


Episode 105

Zibuko decides to disrupt the funeral. There’s a mob of protesters as the hearse tries to drive through. Nkosinathi works hard to avoid the topic of Gladys’s betrayal.


Episode 106

Tumelo’s beating gets out of hand. Pretty is determined to get justice. Nkosinathi has a surprise which leaves Gladys unnerved.


Episode 107

Officer Muzi Mthethwa comes to realises something suspicious about his colleague. Nkosinathi deals with Zibuko when he releases him from his position. Zodwa gives Teddy an ultimatum regarding his car.


Episode 108

Nkosinathi avoids talking to Gladys about her confession. Zodwa smells perfume on Bongani and loses it.


Episode 109

Pretty calls a sheepish Stompie an impimpi. Nthabiseng and Bongani almost get caught stealing liquor. Zodwa spots lipstick on Bongani’s shirt.


Episode 110

Nyalleng’s ashes spill all over Mazet’s lounge. A public marriage proposal goes horribly wrong. Trouble finds Teddy who has decided to sleep in his car.


Episode 111

Gladys accepts the proposal to marry Nkosinathi. Gladys wants to talk about what happened with Zibuko but Nkosinathi refuses to discuss that man. Things are tense after Zodwa accused Bongani of cheating. 


Episode 112

A video of Detective Nabe goes viral, and his name is tarnished. A fight ensues when Zodwa finds Bongani’s bag with Hlobisile. Teddy learns that he bought the wrong tyres for his car.


Episode 113

The cops decide to recruit an informer. Bongani tries to hand his gun back to Zibuko. 


Episode 114

MK finds a hiding spot for the drugs. Stompie is in a compromising position and asks Pretty to help him. Zaza proposes to assist Tumelo when the opportunity arises.


Episode 115

MK makes Tumelo an offer he can’t refuse. Gladys puts her foot down regarding her looming wedding bells. Teddy gets the wrong end of the stick from his talk with Sbonga.



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