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Pretty digs up old skeletons – Gomora

01 June 2023
All the drama coming up in June.
Gomora S4 Pretty and Mam'Sonto

Episode 29

Pretty learns that her father is alive. Sibongile starts a party at the principal’s den. Sizwe wants more for the carwash business.


Episode 30

Gladys tries to help Sibongile come to terms with giving up Sinqobile. Tshiamo comes up with a big concept for her matric dance dress.


Episode 31

Tshiamo gets an unexpected story and dress from Gladys.  Bokang believes the school should focus on academics more than the matric dance. Teddy is told to focus on himself.


Episode 32

Will Pretty find her father? Mk continues her shenanigans with Sizwe.  Tumelo bites more than he can chew when he tries to rob Mthokozisi.


Episode 33

Sizwe tells Nkosinathi that there might be protest action if he doesn’t deliver a proper matric dance. Sizwe makes a bargain with Tumelo to stay away from the carwash.


Episode 34

Sonto has the perfect target for the next kidnapping, and it shocks Stompie. Something about Bra Dicksy’s sponsorship leaves Nkosinathi uneasy. Tumelo asks Zibuko for a business idea, but his response is not desirable.


Episode 35

Sonto loses it when she finds an unexpected visitor dining with her family.  Bokang threatens to snub the matric dance, if his demands aren't met.


Episode 36

Pretty is shook when she learns how Letsatsi left all those years ago. Miss Hlungwani feels bullied by a fellow teacher. Tshiamo goes off on a girl who calls the radio station asking for Teddy.


Episode 37

Nyalleng takes matters into her own hands and meets with Mthokozisi. Letsatsi gives Sonto earrings. Sizwe offers to be Tshiamo’s farewell date.


Episode 38

Letsatsi makes a surprise announcement. An old case comes back to haunt Sonto. Teddy struggles to get his car ready for the matric dance.


Episode 39

Nabe intimidates Sizwe, while Sonto worries about her freedom. Scara is worried about Sibongile missing the dance and tells Gladys he has a plan. Teddy reads Sizwe the Riot Act.


Episode 40

Scara surprises Sibongile. Zaza sneaks into the toilets to get dressed for the farewell and catches Tumelo injecting the oranges with Vodka. Nkosinathi realises the students are having vodka oranges.


Episode 41

Stompie sets up the kidnapping. Teddy pre-records a love message for Tshiamo, but Thandi’s Interrupts it.


Episode 42

DJ Ora rocks Stompie’s world. Letsatsi manages to steal Tshiamo’s heart. Plausible deniability is the order of the day, when the vodka oranges issue comes up.


Episode 43

A certain officer of the law threatens Sonto. Stompie resorts to desperate measures to secure the ransom. Sizwe uncovers something dangerous under Tumelo's bed.


Episode 44

Sonto is concerned that DJ Ora has not been reported missing. Gladys is surprised when Scara doesn’t want to continue with therapy.


Episode 45

DJ Ora is announced missing. Scara blurts out his true feelings. Tumelo has a difficult decision to make.


Episode 46

A distorted voice demands ransom for DJ Ora’s life. A call on air suggests Ora is in Mpumalanga. Nthabiseng and MK have it out.


Episode 47

Everyone is shocked when Bra Dicksy puts a ransom on the kidnappers. Sibongile lets go of her precious trophy. Tumelo is threatened by Mthokozisi.


Episode 48

Zodwa fusses over Sibongile’s trophy. Letsatsi wants to take Sonto out. He is shocked and intrigued when he realises how much cash Sonto keeps in the house.


Episode 49

Bra Dicksy freaks out when he hears DJ Ora was stripped. Sizwe sees Tumelo selling drugs. Pretty tries to get Tshiamo to eat something.


Episode 50

A nosy Letsatsi finds himself seeing what he really shouldn’t. Nurse Lydia inadvertently plants an idea in Sibongile’s head. Bongani has luggage bags packed and is ready to whisk his lady away.


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