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Mam’Sonto wreaks havoc – Gomora

01 August 2023
She has sights on her new target.
Gomora S4 Mam'Sonto wreaks havoc

Episode 72

Detective Nabe is fishing and visits a bitter Sonto in hospital. Gladys has a steamy dream. Zaza has big plans for her birthday.


Episode 73

Sonto demands her money back from a trusted soldier. Tshiamo is adamant about supporting a loved one deal with their intimacy issues. Zaza has a vision of getting her first kiss.


Episode 74

Pretty has a plan on how to spend Sonto’s money. Gladys finds it hard to resist temptation. Zodwa gets a shock of her life in the house.


Episode 75

Pretty worries about hurting people they care about, but Sbonga doesn’t care. Gladys reveals her dark secret to Zodwa. Zaza has a mystery man and tells anyone willing to listen.


Episode 76

Sonto believe Zibuko stole her money and threatens him. Gladys and Zibuko get intimate in her house. Zodwa gets the disappointment of her life. Sizwe and Tumelo’s mentoring gets off to a bad start.


Episode 77

Sonto aims at Nyalleng with her gun. Gladys has an attack of guilt about Zibuko. Sizwe attacks Tumelo about his ongoing jokes about him as an older guy at school.


Episode 78

When Gladys gets flowers from Zibuko she lies and tells Nkosinathi they’re from social development. Pretty almost gives away that she sponsored the event but keeps mum when Zodwa thinks it was Bra Dicksy and sings his praises.


Episode 79

Sonto calls Stompie and tells him she will get her money. Things get frosty between Zodwa and Miss Madikizela during RDP talks. Teddy accuses Sizwe of being in a relationship with MK.


Episode 80

Detective Nabe works hard to find DJ Ora’s kidnappers. Bongani promises to get his family a house. Tumelo pulls a prank on one of his teachers.


Episode 81

Sonto has sights on her new target and Stompie is stunned. Zodwa is desperate for an RDP house and seeks out an unlikely person to assist her. When Miss Hlungwani is shown a video, she decides to solve the matter herself.


Episode 82

Zodwa decides to meet with Max. Stompie tries to talk Sonto out of kidnapping Nyalleng.


Episode 83

Stompie tries to talk Sonto out of kidnapping Nyalleng.


Episode 84

Sonto worries when Hlobisile tells her she spoke to Blade about the kidnap place. The children play another prank on Miss Hlungwani.


Episode 85

Sonto kidnaps an enemy’s relative. Zodwa reveals to Teddy how she plans to get an RDP house. Tshiamo is done with Gomora.


Episode 86

Pretty and Sbonga realise who kidnapped Nyalleng. Zibuko takes his anger out on Tumelo. Zodwa hands over a bribe to Max.


Episode 87

Sonto has no time for mercy when he tells Zibuko’s time to pay the ransom is up. Zodwa learns that she’s been scammed. The school wants Gladys to visit Zibuko on their behalf because she’s a social worker.


Episode 88

Stompie is tempted to turn state witness when Nabe offers to make a deal. Nyalleng wakes up, realises she has been operated on and calls for help. Bokang is frustrated that Phakama is struggling to stay still and needs to move around.


Episode 89

Stompie decides to sacrifice himself for Nyalleng. Tshiamo and Teddy are on a mission to expose the RDP syndicate. Nkosinathi promises some concerned colleagues that Phakama’s situation will be resolved.


Episode 90

Nabe offers Stompie witness protection if he turns state witness. Ora asks Tshiamo to let her smell the perfumes. Bongani threatens to hit Max until he gives their money back.


Episode 91

Sonto’s plan to wreak havoc in Gomora is in full swing. Gladys realizes Phakama’s problem is bigger than she envisioned. Tshiamo pays a harsh price, all thanks to Sonto.


Episode 92

Sonto unravels and shoots her mouth off to Detective Nabe. Sbonga and Sonto are arrested when cops find money at the tavern. Zibuko incites the public against the Molefes. Teddy goes on a campaign to lure Max into a trap and expose him.


Episode 93

Sonto tries to get Nabe to give her information about the police. Mr Faku struggles to put together the paint and comes up with a plan to get it. Teddy confronts Max about how he scammed his family.


Episode 94

Pretty fears for their lives in Gomora. Tshiamo pushes Teddy away for his own sake. Uncle Sobho tells Gladys to butt out of their lives.


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