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Hamba kahle Mam’Sonto – Gomora

14 September 2023
A Gomora fave has fallen, the Molefe family will never be the same again.
Gomora S4 Mam'Sonto

She wore many hats – crime boss, community leader, life partner etc. but none of these meant the world to Sonto (Mam’Sonto) Molefe than being a mother/grandmother.    

Here's the life and times of Mam'Sonto: 

Sonto the gun toting mama

We were introduced to Mam’Sonto the crime boss in Season 1 where Thathi’s husband, Mbongeni Ndaba died during a hijacking that she ordered. She headed many other criminal activities since then, including kidnapping.


Sonto the mother/grandmother

She was not only Thathi and Pretty’s mum, but she played a mother figure to Mazet as well and was a grandmother to Langa, Buhle and Tshiamo. For Mam’Sonto, family always came first, even though at times she was at odds with her daughters.


Sonto the lover/companion/partner

All it took was Bra Mike’s good looks and charm to bring out her soft side. Mam’Sonto dated Bra Mike many years ago and they picked up from where they left off when he arrived in Gomora to restart his life. Never did we think we’d see Mam’Sonto blush like she did, LOL!


Sonto the born-again Christian

After all the criminal activities over the years, Mam’Sonto turned a new leaf. Many, including the community members, were not convinced she had changed and it took a minute for her to go back to the gun toting mama we all know.   


A fave has fallen. The Molefe family will never be the same again. With Thathi being behind bars, Pretty, Sbonga and Tshimao are left to pick up the pieces. Will they ever find out Zibuko was behind Mam'Sonto's death?     


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