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An eye for an eye – Gomora

24 April 2023
Zibuko starts a war with flames.
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Episode 1

The aftermath of Mazet continues to pile up. Scara worries about fatherhood.  MK isn’t sure how to get Zibuko back.


Episode 2

Stompie tells Sonto that Zibuko has buried Mazet. Sibongile saying that she cannot handle motherhood.


Episode 3

Zibuko starts a war with flames. Hlobisile meets Baby Sinqobile and is sold. Tumelo worms himself back into Gomora High again.


Episode 4

Zibuko's revenge plot sweetens with an unexpected turn of events.  Nkosinathi gets out of the frying pan into the fire because of unexpected guests. Sibongile and the baby's arrival isn't as pleasant.


Episode 5

The Madidas smell smoke and find Sonto is locked in her room. Ntokozo gets a surprise offer.


Episode 6

Sonto warns Pretty to reign Tshiamo in before she becomes like Thathi.  Tshiamo tells Teddy she wants to move out of the house. Sibongile is overwhelmed by being a new mom.


Episode 7

Tshiamo has made up her mind about moving out. Gladys and Mam’Cele have a heart to heart. Scara wants to move back to Gomora to be closer to Sibongile and the baby.


Episode 8

Could MK go back to drug mulling? Mr Faku takes over the Matric dance preparations. Tumelo hits on Zaza.


Episode 9

Sonto is approached with a new and very lucrative criminal venture. Zibuko learns about an insurance policy made on MaZet’s life and is irate. Ntokozo’s presentational video blows his friends away.


Episode 10

Sibongile dumping the baby on Scara. He must step up. Thathi emerging from the shadows and greeting Sonto. Tumelo steals Glady’s keys.


Episode 11

The walls are closing in on Thathi when one of her enemies spot her. Tumelo dodges a bullet. Hlobisile's actions leaves Sibongile in an uncomfortable situation.


Episode 12

A chase for Thathi leads to Zibuko seeing MK with Bako.  Sibongile brings her baby to school because she has no other options. Tshiamo is snatched while Ntokozo says his speech.


Episode 13

Tshiamo is riddled with guilt over what Zibuko did but keeps it to herself.  Zodwa refuses Sizwe pumps up the students not to take the crime lying down.


Episode 14

Zibuko tells Sonto he saw Thathi with his own eyes.  Nolwandle faces off with Nkosinathi about Zaza’s extra lessons.


Episode 15

Sonto gets Thathi traveling documents, Thathi reveals she knows where Mazet was buried. Sibongile is burdened by Sinqobile’s existence.


Episode 16

Tshiamo decides about her future. Scara and Sibongile struggle to cope with the responsibilities of being parents. Thathi helps Sonto finds Mazet’s grave.


Episode 17

Sibongile is asking for more info on adoption from Gladys. Zibuko celebrating the end of the era of the Molefe’s.

Episode 18

Thathi has a daring request for Sonto. Zibuko has a hostile plan to take over a local business. Sibongile abandons a part of herself but is very quickly overcome by guilt.


Episode 19

Sonto devises a plan to get Thathi out of jail. Detective Nabe gets to work on finding the baby and Sibongile learns that she could be in more trouble than she thought.


Episode 20

Sonto tells Stompie she wants to break Thathi out of prison. Gladys walks in on Tumelo eating from the food parcel food and he’s momentarily worried.


Episode 21

Sonto's attempt to save her loved one goes in vain. MK activates the Bako mission. Sibongile drops a bombshell regarding Baby Sinqobile.


Episode 22

Sonto is stuck with the kidnapped boy wondering how to handle the situation.  Sibongile suffers alone while she keeps her secret about Sinqobile from her family.


Episode 23

Sibongile is eager to get back to school but not all goes well. Sonto tries to find out where Thathi is located.


Episode 24

The Sishanyama is raided for drugs. Zodwa and Bongani learns that Sinqobile has assigned foster parents. Tumelo cleans toilets as punishment.


Episode 25

MK’s reaction to Ous’Tiny’s threat of a lie detector.  Scara’s defensive reaction to Sibongile’s invitation to say farewell to the baby. Pretty gearing herself up to ask MamBhele her question.


Episode 26

Sizwe’s matric is literally up in flames. The matric farewell fund-raising mission presents an opportunity for Tumelo.  Sibongile feels like a pariah when she returns to Gomora High.


Episode 27

Zibuko wants to keep MaZet's name alive. Nkosinathi shoves Zaza into a corner regarding the matric donations. Sibongile snubs Zodwa in the worst way imaginable.


Episode 28

Zibuko queries Stompie about his fancy new clothes. MK and Sizwe kiss again.


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