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May teasers – Gomora

02 May 2022
All the drama coming up during the month.
Gomora S3 Thathi and Mam'Sonto

Episode 6

Sibongile falls for an old sugar daddy trick. Stompie and Sdumo wreak havoc in Gomora. 


Episode 7

Sibongile lies about where she got her new phone. Thathi refuses to speak to Gugu. Bongani gets fired for not doing his job.


Episode 8

Thathi shows her teeth. Bongani disappoints Zodwa and the kids. Gladys connects with Ntokozo, it’s over.


Episode 9

Sbonga loses his new taxi. Sonto offers a reward for information of the looting. Mister Leballo tells Sibongile she’s a disappointment.


Episode 10

Thathi orders Stompie to hijack rich men. Sdumo informs Sonto that Thathi ordered the looting. 


Episode 11

Sonto shoots Sdumo in the arm. Sibongile is unable to sleep. Stompie tells Sonto that Phumlani was the one paying Sdumo and Brains. 


Episode 12

Sonto wonders if Thathi was telling the truth. Mjay shoots at Thathi. 


Episode 13

Thathi refuses to hear anything from her family. Sibongile’s behaviour raises suspicion at school.


Episode 14

Thathi’s worst nightmare manifest as a banging on the door. Sibongile’s new look presents her with new problems.


Episode 15

Sonto takes matters into her own hands and shoots “Mike Jnr”. Thathi goes underground but has no clue where to go.


Episode 16

Mike Jnr. proves he can get to the Molefe’s at any time. Sibongile drives everyone in circles for the truth about the money.


Episode 17

Zodwa decides to kick Sibongile out. Sonto resorts to extreme measures to get Mike Jnr. off her back. Thathi learns a shocking truth about Gugu’s kidnapping.


Episode 18

Sibongile moves in with the least expected person. A job seeking Ntokozo walks into a lion’s den.


Episode 19

Ntokozo falls right into a lion’s den.  A hostage drama hits the Molefe family all thanks to Thathi.


Episode 20

Sonto kills someone in cold blood. Gladys accuses Thathi of kidnapping her son. Mike Jnr. wants to go kill Sonto’s entire family. 


Episode 21

Stompie questions Mr. Leballo’s intentions to Sibongile. Teddy learns that Sibongile lives with Stompie. 


Episode 22

Ntokozo takes matters into his own hands, and fights for his freedom. Thathi and the Girls decide to take on the hostel.


Episode 23

Qhoqhoqho has a sinister plan up his sleeve that is bound to make Sonto weep. Thathi has another solid plan which turns out not to be solid at all.


Episode 24

Zodwa sees Sibongile and Mr. Leballo kiss. Zodwa exposes Mr Leballo in front of everyone. 


Episode 25

Thathi and her girls wreak havoc at the hostel. Sibongile is humiliated in the worst way imaginable by one of her own.


Episode 26

Zodwa tries to set Sibongile straight.  Mike Jnr plans to attack the Molefe’s. Gugu and Ntokozo try to come to terms with their abduction.


Episode 27

Ma’Sonto struggles to get through her daughter. Thathi and the girls fix the streets.


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