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Caught in the middle – Gomora

03 April 2023
Sonto urges Thathi and Mazet to make peace.
Gomora S3 Mam'Sonto

Episode 246

MK begs Sonto to bring back Bonolo. Miss Hlungwani confronts Bokang about being a player.  Tshiamo worries that Teddy might be pressured to drink at the Z FM weekend getaway.


Episode 247

Zibuko tries to find Bonolo. Zodwa receives some words of wisdom from an unlikely

source. Nkosinathi hides a big secret from Gladys.


Episode 248

Zodwa deliberately drinks and challenges Teddy to test her. Sonto is happy when Mazet announces that she’s done with Zibuko. Nkosinathi’s weird behaviour makes Gladys think he’s cheating. 


Episode 249

Bonolo is kidnaped again. Nkosinathi gets an epileptic fit. Teddy is hurt when Sibongile brings out a terrible past.


Episode 250

Zibuko doesn’t seem to have stolen Bonolo back. Sonto is convinced he has. Nkosinathi has another fall, this time life threatening. Teddy takes his final bow at Gomora FM in a heart-warming way.


Episode 251

Gladys gives Nkosinathi an ultimatum. Thathi admits that she struggled to bond with Phodiso. Teddy backs out of having his important chat with Tshiamo


Episode 252

The search for Bonolo meets an unexpected turn. Teddy learns the bitter end of trending too much. Gladys asks Bokang for a personal favour.


Episode 253

Thathi accuses Mazet of being the cause of all her problems. Teddy discusses whether he has been fired or not. MK tries to persuade Gladys to do trauma counselling on Bonolo.


Episode 254

Mazet is ready to say goodbye to Gomora for good. Nkosinathi is forced to accept his condition for the sake of his love. Teddy tries to worm his way into Gomora FM to clear his

name but fails dismally.


Episode 255

Thathi decides to deal with Mazet legally. Nkosinathi receives his official diagnosis. Pushed into a corner, Zodwa reveals her big secret. 


Episode 256

Sonto urges Thathi and Mazet to make peace. Bongani vows to help Zodwa fight her addiction. Tshiamo advises Sibongile about the adoption.


Episode 257

Bongani suggests that they do a cleansing for the dead twin to remove the bad luck dogging the family. Ntokozo goes off at Nkosinathi for hiding his illness. Detective Nabe wants Mazet to betray Sonto and save her own skin. 


Episode 258

Sonto wants the family to reunite. Mr Faku brings Jackie a special gift. Ntokozo and Sizwe makes fun of Teddy having a twin.


Episode 259

Thathi does the unthinkable to Mazet. Zodwa and family go through with the cleansing. Gomora High lovers finally consummate their relationship.


Episode 260

Sonto kneels by Mazet while telling Thathi to go away. Sibongile goes into labour in Gladys’ house. Teddy says a heartfelt thank you to Zakes on air.


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