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All the times Buhle touched our hearts – Gomora

15 August 2022
Buhle came into the scene as that “cheese girl” from Sandton who had just moved into her grandmother’s house along with her family, after that dreadful hijacking incident that left them broke and homeless.
GOMORA S3 Buhle's death

She went from your typical princess to adapting to life in Gomora, and Qhoqhoqho ending her life in front of her whole family left us reeling in shock.   

Here’s all the times Buhle pulled at our heartstrings.

When she tried to commit suicide

This has got to be her lowest point by far. The betrayal and humiliation Asanda caused when she leaked Buhle’s pictures was too much, so she resorted to suicide.

This had Mzansi floored.

When she helped Teddy with the debate team

She was the only one who had faith in Teddy. Besides the fact that she was did it to spite her brother, the late Langa, she helped Teddy realise his potential and in the end he was named captain of the Gomora High Debate Team.  

When she made peace with Gugu

Buhle was so used to being Thathi’s little princess for the longest time and when Gugu came into the picture, she had a hard time adjusting. It was lovely to see her put aside whatever beef she had with Gugu, in this video.

When she stood up for Thathi

She may have had her differences with Thathi but when push came to shove, Buhle always came through for her mother. Like when she pushed Melusi, after finding him kissing Thathi in Mam’Sonto’s living room. Clearly, Melusi didn't get it when Thathi told him several times that she had moved on with Phumlani, so Buhle had to make sure, LOL! 


Buhle’s death is a double tragedy for Thathi, especially since she has already lost Langa. Will she and the family be able to get past this?

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