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Zodwa and Bongani: Happily ever after? – Gomora

16 March 2022
Zodwa is feeling a little insecure after what Miss Biyela told her.
Gomora S2 Zodwa and Bongani

If he doesn’t book out the whole shisanyama for you, is he even your bae, LOL!? And to think Zodwa thought it was a late Valentine’s Day celebration or something, but then BOOM! Bongani popped the question: “Will you marry me?”

The two have come a long way. Remember when Bongani’s ex-wife, Zoliswa found out about them? The drama!

This marked the beginning of the numerous fights, and to think Gladys, who is friends with both Zodwa and Zoliswa, was right there in the middle of all the drama!

Don was another problem altogether! Don’t get us started on that! Gosh, the amount of strain he put on Zodwa and Bongani’s relationship, we thought they would never get back together again. It’s no wonder Tweeps welcomed their engagement with excitement.   

Not Miss Biyela whispering to Zodwa about how Zoliswa still harbours hope that she and Bongani will get back together again! Drama, so early in the engagement! Now, poor Zodwa is feeling insecure and there's no telling what she might say/do next. This brings us to this question: Will our faves make it to the alter?  


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