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Get to grips with Gomora – Gomora

25 March 2020
A thrilling new telenovela drama is coming to the screens of Mzansi Magic on DStv channel 161.

Picture this: A woman manages to escape from her lowly, humble township roots and makes it big as a hotshot Sandton socialite. But then, a series of events leads it all to come crashing down around her and suddenly she’s back where she started, in the hustle and bustle of Alexandra township which, although just down the road from her previous life, feels like a million miles away. More than that, she finds herself at the heart of its underworld. There are so many reasons to watch this captivating new show, but here are just a few:

Katlego Danke plays the role of Thathi, a spoilt young woman with plenty of small skeletons in her closet. It’s Katlego’s first role since leaving Isidingo, and the seasoned actress is sure to enthrall us with her talent, as she always does.

There’s a female crime boss. That’s right, Connie Chiume plays Mam’Sonto, a woman who appears to be a loving grandmother on the outside – but underneath has a heart of steel. She pulls the strings in this community and don’t let anyone forget it.

A complicated love story. What would any telenovela be without a bit of romance and Gomora delivers in spades. We don’t want to give too much away, but let’s say that Thathi finds herself reunited with an old flame whose heart she broke – and although he’s moved on with his life, there might just still be something there …

There’s plenty of action, scandal and secrets. You’ll be holding your breath from the very first episode as things take a dire turn. And the twists and turns don’t stop from there on. Just when you think you know something, you’ll discover you knew nothing at all.

It all takes place in Alexandra. The beloved Johannesburg Kasi is where most of the story unfolds (when it isn’t focused on nearby Sandton) and it’s an insight into the love and care of a community, despite the tough, frightening environment they might have to deal with on many an occasion.


Episodic summaries: 

Episode 1

Thathi’s fairy –tale is cut short when she and her kids suffer an unexpected tragedy. Ntokozo finds himself in a predicament he did not sign up for.  Sonto’s dark deeds catch up with her as she endangers her loved ones’ livelihood.

Episode 2

Sonto is relieved to be rid of Mbongeni’s car, but something remains that could send them all to jail. Thati prepares to break the news to her children but is met with yet another shocker. Melusi tries to bond with Ntokozo who gets emotional.

Episode 3

Ntokozo wrestles with his guilt while Thathi is hit with a devastating reality as the truth about Mbongeni trickles in. Ntokozo and Mazet’s search for the medal is far from over.

Episode 4

Thathi is forced to come clean to the family when she suffers a humiliating ordeal at the hands of the courts. Ntokozo crumbles under the weight of his guilt and finds himself in the lion’s den.

Episode 5

Thathi learns that her troubles are only beginning when she discovers more secrets Mbongeni kept from her. Gladys uncannily rekindles old flames by encouraging Melusi to be there for an old friend while Ntokozo continues to battle with his secret.

Episode 6

Thathi and her kids fail to adjust to their new living conditions while Sonto learns that the police have evidence that may lead to her doorstep. Ntokozo finds himself in a compromised position that could expose the truth. Teddy is publicly ridiculed by a family member’s bad behaviour.

Episode 7

Melusi learns that one of his students’ medals was found at the crime scene. Thathi gets some shocking news from her lawyer as Ntokozo and Teddy bond in an unlikely way.

Episode 8

Teddy’s friendship with Ntokozo costs him his freedom. Thathi learns who her true friends are when she hits rock bottom.

Episode 9

Ntokozo works overtime to help prove Teddy’s innocence while Sonto fights to get Thathi out of the bottomless pit of misery and despair.

Episode 10

On the brink of giving up, a piece of evidence unwittingly falls on Thathi’s lap. Gladys’ marital joy and Ntokozo’s peace of mind are disrupted when the Ndaba’s move to Alex. Detective Kolisi has news for Thathi that bring relief to Sonto.

Episode 11

Thathi calls on the Detective to follow on a lead everyone considers a useless dead end, and just when Sonto thinks she’s safe, Thathi stumbles on another lead. Melusi and Gladys’ good deeds put their son’s life in danger.

Episode 12

Sonto works around the clock to counter Thathi’s efforts to get in touch with the police regarding her new lead on the hijacking. Things don’t go well for Langa at school and Zodwa makes a crucial decision about her and Teddy’s futures.

Episode 13

Just as Thathi is about to give up on finding the maroon Cressida, Detective Kolisi comes in with information that could lead them straight to the owner. Fate leads Ntokozo to saving Langa from bullies.

Episode 14

Langa finds an unexpected ally while Sonto reveals some new information about Mbongeni’s hijacking case. Sonto does her best to derail Detective Kolisi and Thathi from going to look for the maroon Cressida.

Episode 15

Thathi is finally proven right as she nabs one of the hijackers. Sonto teaches a snitch a lesson but her victory is short lived while Ntokozo and Langa’s budding new relationship is quickly ruined.

Episode 16

Jomo is caught between a rock and a hard place when Detective Kolisi reveals new information about the case. Thathi’s reappearance in Alex is proving to be problematic for Melusi. Ntokozo and Teddy convince Langa not to snitch.

Episode 17

Gladys catches Thathi and Melusi in a compromising position. Detective Kolisi’s new findings rattle Sonto into making drastic decisions


Gomora starts on Mzansi Magic, DStv Channel 161 on Monday 30 March at 19:30. Join the conversation using the hashtag #Gomora on all social platforms.